…often contradictory effects, he called epic theatre. Elements of the Epic Theatre in Street Scene by Bertolt Brecht Breaking off the stereotypes of the classical and then developed and widely accepted Stanislavsky’s method acting, a German poet, playwright and theatre director, Bertolt Brecht introduced his ‘epic theatre’. Digital Technology (CCEA) Drama. Brecht used the term ‘Lehrstück’, meaning ‘learning-play’.

The audience would be aware that they were watching a play.

Learn More in these related Britannica articles: theatre: The influence of Piscator. Art and Design. Epic Theatre is a style of theatre that uses the stage craft elements and dramatic elements in such a way that it distances the audience, and is intended to keep them awake and thinking about what they see and not become evolved or attached, this technique is called 'alianation'. Biology (Single Science) Business. Computer Science. Characteristics of Epic Theatre Main Practitioner was Bertolt Brecht (1920’s) -Form of didactic drama presenting a series of loosely connected scenes – Avoid illusion and often interrupt the story line to address the audience directly with analysis, argument, or documentation Brecht, who had served in Reinhardt’s dramaturgic ... theatre: The influence of Brecht. he likened the realistic theatre to the effects of a drug, in that a realistic performance pacified its audience. GCSE Subjects GCSE Subjects.

Chemistry (Single Science) Combined Science. …in the development of so-called epic theatre.….

English Language. Brecht loathed the theatre of realism. Brecht’s plays were didactic and aimed to teach or instruct their audience. Epic theatre The idea of objectivity and the absence of empathy developed into a concept of theatre that’s called Epic theatre, as opposed to what Brecht referred to as Dramatic theatre. Design and Technology.

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