Home / Literature / Ella Enchanted / Characters / Ella / ... Hattie quickly figures out Ella's curse and makes her life miserable. October 14, 2009 by Mr. O'Neil 52 Comments. Art by MarissaHaley Hattie Dame Olga Olive Finds Love Olive Who Lacks a Prince. The story is a retelling of Cinderella featuring various mythical creatures including fairies, elves, ogres, gnomes, and giants. Math … saying "no" What was Ella's favorite part about having her curse lifted? Hattie is one of the main antagonists in the 2004 Miramax romatic-comedy film, Ella Enchanted. English Comp The House On Mango Street Character Vocabulary. Within chapters 12-14, Ella begins her quest. spanish stories. U. Jonathan Toppo has been a professional actor for over 30 years. Trivia In the book adaption, Hattie and her family reside in the kingdom of Kyrria, before moving to Frell after the marriage of Dame Olga and Sir Peter. Sir Edgar is the main antagonist of the 2004 film Ella Enchanted. He has driven the ogres out, and he has put giants and elves to work as laborers and entertainers.

judiejodia liked this . She tries to think of a way to not hurt Areida's feelings. Make sure you respond to both questions! Pretend she's lost her voice so they can't talk anymore? Olive Finds Love. Ella is under a spell to be constantly obedient, a fact she must hide from her new stepfamily in order to protect the prince of the land, her friend for whom she's falling. Categories: Ella Enchanted | Permalink . Art by MarissaHaley. Make sure you respond to both questions! Ella Enchanted.

Nope, one of the teachers would eventually order her to speak. Ella disappears, and Arieda finds something more than a friend in her best friend's worst enemy. Ella Enchanted.

Hattie steps out of Hember's Exotic Good's Emporium feeling pleased. She is the daughter of Dame Olga, stepdaughter of Sir Peter, older sister of Olive, and older stepsister of Ella. Ella Enchanted Fairy tales and contemporary satire collide in Ella Enchanted, based upon the enormously popular young adult novel by Gail Carson Levine. Under no circumstances can Ella refuse anything she is asked to do.

Chapter 2: Hattie's new, obedient doll by: bask25456 More by this author. r-star-r liked this . He is portrayed by Cary Elwes, who also played Larry Kline in Stranger Things, Lawrence Gordon in the Saw franchise and William Boone in Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book, he also voiced Paxton Powers in Batman Beyond and Aquaman in Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox. Respond to the question or someone else’s comments. notawitchimyourwife liked this . dearlizgyrie liked this . Tags. With Anne Hathaway, Hugh Dancy, Cary Elwes, Joanna Lumley. Dame Olga. Ella Enchanted is a Newbery Honor Book written by Gail Carson Levine and published in 1997. spanish stories. U. JONATHAN TOPPO as SIR PETER / SIR STEPHAN. Hattie . Anne Hathaway is Ella in the charming fairy tale adventure ELLA ENCHANTED. At birth, Ella of Frell is given the gift of obedience by the well-meaning but misguided fairy Lucinda. OTHER SETS BY THIS CREATOR .

This simple errand soon turns into an amazing journey. While Ella’s father is away for business, the three conspire to make Ella’s life miserable by utilizing their knowledge of Ella’s curse to put her in constant danger.

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