The TV personality introduced her new standard poodle pup Mrs. Wallis Browning on Tuesday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. "She's so cute! Ellen DeGeneres is now a four-time dog mom.
The TV star revealed the couple adopted a dog on Tuesday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Ellen's new dog is super cute and her name is even cuter. The four-legged friend is a rescued standard poodle puppy named Mrs. Wallis Browning .

THROUGH MUCH OF THE MID to late nineties, my friends knew not to call me on Wednesday evenings during a particular half hour.

The talk show host announced that she and wife Portia de Rossi adopted a rescue 3-month-old Poodle named Mrs. Wallis … But my sacred Wednesdays were about more than just channel surfing for a laugh. ... "Wallis is 3 months old and she unfortunately was with some irresponsible people — she was kept in a cage outside in the desert since she was 2 months old, just on the ground in a cage," Ellen shared.
On Tuesday’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show”, the host reveals that she recently welcomed a new family member: a rescued standard poodle puppy named Mrs. Wallis Browning. Once the shelter found out Ellen gave the dog away, they demanded the dog be pulled from the household and returned to them. DeGeneres went on to explain she adopted the “brand new” puppy from a Studio City, California rescue called Wagmor and that the dog’s name is Mrs. Wallis Browning, Wallis for short.

Ellen was so distraught at the trouble she felt she’d caused this little guy and the family, she broke down and sobbed on her tv show in front of the world, telling the story and taking responsibility for the outcome. Ellen DeGeneres has a new puppy! For 30 minutes, I had a date with Ellen Morgan, the fictional funny lady brought to life in comedian Ellen DeGeneres' series Ellen.

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