enol ether in situ by trapping the alkoxide group released by the acetal, and the second molecule of the acylant promotes acylation.16–20 The E-isomer was the only product observed.17–20 Products 3 were extracted from the reaction media with diethyl ether and were obtained without further purification. They are important intermediates in organic synthesis. However, we report the surprisingly effective ring-opening metathesis polymerization (ROMP) of cyclic enol ethers, because the resulting electron-rich ruthenium alkylidene complex remains active toward metathesis of electron-rich olefins, despite its deactivation toward hydrocarbon olefins. Palladium Acetate Enol Ether Methyl Morpholine Silyl Enol Ether Ketene Acetal These keywords were added by machine and not by the authors. Enol silyl ethers can be cleaved with nucleophiles such as MeLi, LiNH 2 or R 4 N + F-to give reactive enolates. Silyl enol ethers in organic chemistry are a class of organic compounds that share a common functional group composed of an enolate bonded through its oxygen end to an organosilicon group. Silyl enol ether. This process is experimental and the keywords may be updated as the learning algorithm improves. THE ENOL ETHER SYNTHESIS OF POLYENES S. M. MAKIN M. V. Lomonosov Institute of Fine Chemical Technology, Moscow, USSR Abstract—Convenient methods for the preparation of 1-alkoxydienes are reviewed. The synthesis of isopropenyl octadecyl ether is reported. This compound is a useful reagent for the synthesis of wax esters by reaction with long chain fatty acids, and of symmetrical or unsymmetrical ethers via reaction with long chain alcohols. Language; Watch; Edit (Redirected from Ketene silyl acetal) The general structure of a silyl enol ether. The … It is shown that 1-alkoxydienes are very reactive and can be successfully used for the synthesis of polyene compounds. It is difficult to introduce t-alkyl groups α to ketones. • tert-Alkylation of Enol Ethers.

Enol ethers are widely used as quenching reagents for Grubbs catalysts. Synthesis. They can also be used directly as weak nucleophiles with very reactive electrophiles such as carbonium ions, the halogens (Br 2, Cl 2, I 2) or pseudohalogens (PhSCl, PhSeCl, Cl-N=O). Ozonolysis of 2-methoxymethylene 4-butyrolactone (13 (E)): Conversion of sodium salt 9 of Results Ozonolysis of 1b: Enol ether 121b wasprepared according to aknown procedure . Its ozonolysis under same conditions as with 1a afforded surprisingly a quantitative yield of ozonide 6b (Scheme 2) thus indicating that an intermediate carbonyl oxide to methyl acetate cycloaddition should be less probable.

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