Misc Side Quests Ragtime Mouse. The Ragtime Mouse is a friendly enemy that appears in certain areas on the world map in(!)

When you do, the more melodic "Faerie Battle" music will play. You can encounter the Ragtime Mouse in almost any forest throughout the world. but cant meet Ragtime Mouse even once. forests. This odd creature will ask your party a true or false question.
This no rustling leaves trick is just like how it sounds, to walk around in forest areas without rustling the leaves. In order to obtain this trophy, you must find the Ragtime Mouse and answer all 16 of its questions correctly then encounter it once more for the 17th and final time. Version History. If you answer correctly, you get Gil. I have spent more than 1 hour browsing forests, did every trick (short movements, save and load in forest, etc.) It is worth 15 points and can be received for: Correctly answer all the questions in Ragtime Mouse's pop quiz.
It starts at 1000 gil, and increases as you answer more questions. Download Guide. I met Ragtime Mouse 4 times early in the game and it was no problem, spent just 10-15 minutes. Beating the Ragtime Blues is an achievement in Final Fantasy IX. Final Fantasy IX - Ragtime Mouse. Every time you answer correctly, you will be given a percentage score and some gil. question about the world of Final Fantasy IX. The responses to the Ragtime Mouse's quiz questions are below. Share Favorite . Maybe it happened because of the last patch? Download PDF Apple Books Google Play. In total, the Ragtime Mouse asks sixteen questions. The trick is another way to make Ragtime Mouse appear more often besides the method of going a new forest you've never been to before. The Ragtime Mouse, who looks more like an Alice in Wonderland maitre d' than a mouse, will ask you various trivia questions about Gaia. The 15th Lindblum War started in 1600? If the answer is true, you should attack the circle, and if the answer is false, you should attack the X. Now Im trying to meet it again with Zidane team after Trento. The Ragtime Mouse is a special encounter that can be found in the forests of the game's world, where he'll ask you trivia questions that you have to figure out if they're true or false. Ragtime Mouse Guide. The Ragtime Mouse is a special friendly enemy that, when encountered, will ask you a 'True or False?' Lassarina Aoibhell.

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