Posted by. Specification. This can also apply to saws as there are wire saws, fixed frame saws, saws that can be broken down, smaller handheld saws the size of a fixed blade knife, etc. Axe … My Swiss Army knife has a very useable, small saw blade, and so does my Leatherman Wave. It is just faster on the draw. For this article and simplicity, lets talk about a full size axe and a saw similar to a Sven saw or a Silky saw.

If you are looking for a compact, lightweight saw which performs like a bow saw but packs like a folding saw, then you should consider getting the hugely popular the 15-inch Sven Folding Bow Saw.

It is kind of a PIA to set up or make. If I plan to make occasional cuts periodically, folding saw. Wilderness survival expert Peter Kummerfeldt is a proponent of carrying a saw instead of an axe. Discussion in 'Wilderness & Survival Skills' started by digispam, Jan 31, 2007. It also doesn’t hurt that the Sven-Saw is available in either 18 or 21-inch options, is made right here in the USA, and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

A couple of points that have been raised in … Gear Question. Hatchet vs folding saw I've already got a small hatchet for helping set up campsites, collecting firewood, etc. The question of axe vs. saw vs. big knife for chopping has come up in my world recently. Hatchets seem about the right size for chopping and splitting camp wood. He carries an 17-inch, double edged saw made by Dandy, and calls hatchets “weapons.” “You can give your saw to someone to gather wood, and they probably won’t hurt themselves,” he said in an interview. 188. 1. - Made in South Korea, folding saw with a high Carbon Japanese SK5 steel blade that is triple-ground, impulse-hardened for performance and chrome plated to reduce friction. The Primos compact folding saw has nice teeth serrations and are offset for better and easier cutting. It is identical to the Bahco. It lacks the raw power of an axe, but it's still extremely useful for quickly and efficiently pruning and clean up branches. I use a Fiskars folding saw. Folding Saw. Close. He was carrying a folding saw along with him. Gets in to places that an axe cannot due to the need for room to swing. The Silky KatanaBoy is a two-handed, professional, heavy-duty folding saw with a 19-4/5 inch blade. Depending on what your doing, a small 1lb or 1/2lb hatchet along with a sub 9" fixed blade and a folding saw may be all you need. : 9” Weight: 6.2 oz. Corona Razor Tooth Folding Saw: Blade Len: 7” Handle Len. A folding hand saw is a great utility tool.

Blade Length: 7.5 Inches ; TPI (Teeth Per Inch): 7; Why It’s The Best . Both saw blades work well for sawing through a deer pelvis bone, removing lower legs for quartering and either blade will easily saw through a stick the size of my wrist. I like having a saw on me even if just to cut a walking stick, shooting lanes, etc. This saw is specially designed for wildlife enthusiasts, hunters, and campers. 3 years ago. I have a 21" bow saw (Yardworks from Canadian Tire) for when weight isn't an issue and a small folding saw (Bahco laplander) for canoe/backpacking.

11. This can also apply to saws as there are wire saws, fixed frame saws, saws that can be broken down, smaller handheld saws the size of a fixed blade knife, etc. But the difference in the amount of time it took him to cut them up was jaw dropping. Axes seem like overkill for an extended wilderness camp, and also could chop off something important. Just as with our pocket chainsaw buddy on the previous trip, this guy started collecting a lot of 6-inch diameter and larger logs. On the next camp, we were blessed with the presence of a long-time woodsman. The folding format makes this an easily and safely packable saw, but the structure adds a bit of strength not found in its other folding brethren. Heading off on a multiday wilderness canoe trip. Whichever model you eventually settle on, as long as you choose the best folding hand saw for your particular …

Unlike backpacking one can consider some heavier items on a float, such as some woods tools. My answer is it depends on the situation/environment. Axe …

Folding saws crosscut wood better, limb trees safer, and weigh much less. At 21inches, the blade's length is optimally sized for powerful sawing strokes, and yet short enough for packability. The BOREAL21 is a revolutionary 21 in / 53.3 cm folding bow saw that effortlessly unfolds in seconds for easy, high performance cuts. A folding saw and fixed blade re almost always worth their weight.

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