Jon Lachonis 9 years ago It hasn’t even been a full hour since I posted my review of Fringe ‘s 2011 premiere, “The Firefly.” Now that Peter is supposedly in his original universe, he is with Olivia, and in this new timeline, Fauxlivia never switched places with Olivia and got pregnant. Peter was originally supposed to get Olivia pregnant, not Fauxlivia, so the observers tried to erase him. A Fringe Hint in "The Firefly:" Is Olivia Pregnant? When they were children, both Peter and Olivia were patients during the Cortexiphan trials run by Walter Bishop and William Bell. Last week's midseason premiere of Fringe left fans with one very important question: Is alternate-Olivia (Anna Torv) pregnant with Peter's baby? The two-part Season 4 finale was shot as a potential series finale and thus wraps up plenty of Fringe storylines.

The relationship between Olivia Dunham and Peter Bishop, the two main protagonists of the TV show. No, in the revised timeline the Peter Bishop that had a child with Faux Olivia drowned in Reiden Lake at age seven after an unsuccessful attempt by the alternate of his father to save him from a disease. Olivia Dunham is a fictional character and the main protagonist from the science fiction television series Fringe, which aired on the Fox Broadcasting Company in the United States from 2008 to 2013. This week’s Fringe should have come with an advisory: DO NOT WATCH IF YOU ARE PREGNANT. Henry Dunham was the son of Olivia Dunham (Alternate Universe) and Peter Bishop.Olivia became pregnant during her time with Peter in the prime universe.. Peter and Olivia remember each other, are in the same universe, and have admitted their feelings. Olivia ran away to a field of white tulips, and Peter was the only who managed to find her and encouraged her to tell Dr Bishop about her abusive stepfather. The harrowing pregnancy of the alternative-universe-Olivia was the … So basically, Henry won't exist until Peter and THIS Olivia have a baby. Fauxlivia discovered she was pregnant on a Fringe case. Original Timeline Edit.

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