These explanations, summarized in Table 9.1 "Theory Snapshot", have their merits and shortcomings, but together they help us understand patterns of social aging. Basis of the structural functionalist perspective A society is a complex unit, made up of interrelated parts. Readability. Perspectives on Aging 5 Birth Death Exercise 1.1 Perceptions and Expectations of My Own Aging 1. Intergenerational conflict plays a key role in the conflict perspective of aging. From class we learned about Emile Durkheim’s interest in this theory on how social order is possible on how society remains relatively stable through functionalism. Start studying Exam 2 Sociological Perspectives (gender, sexuality, aging,family). 3. Topic hierarchy ; Back to top; 18.2C: The Graying of America; 18.3A: … Functionalists regard society as a system made up of different parts which depend on each other. Letter A4.

research conducted on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender aging (LGBT) and the psychosocial consequences they experience resulting from disparities. The Functionalist View of Society. I do know that it is one of the major concept theories and perspectives in sociology. My favorite perspective in sociology was learning about the functionalist perspective aka functionalism. There are several main points to the theory. Recall that social aging refers to changes in people’s roles and relationships in a society as they age. Hence, any functionalist perspective on aging would probably have to deal with roles, statuses, order and functionality. Any deviation from the norms that dictate our behaviour will lead to disorder in society. One well-known functionalist theory of aging is Disengagement Theory (Cummings & Henry, 1961), which states that: Page ID 7675; Table of contents No headers. Theories in the functionalist perspective focus on the role of elders in terms of the functioning of society as a whole. Theoretical perspective Major assumptions; Disengagement theory: To enable younger people to assume important roles, a society must encourage its older people to disengage from their previous roles and to take on roles more appropriate to their physical and mental decline. Using this perspective to theorize about the phenomenon of aging, many functionalists posit that society and the individual mutually sever many relationships during the aging process. This theory is considered a functionalist explanation of the aging process. One well-known functionalist theory of aging is Disengagement Theory (Cummings & Henry, 1961), which states that: Learning Objectives. 2. 6.2 Perspectives on Aging. Different institutions each perform specific functions within a society to keep that society going, in the same way as the different organs of a human body perform different functions in order to maintain the whole.
For instance, joining a members club or offering to volunteer in certain activities aid in ageing well.

State the assumptions of disengagement, activity, and conflict theories of aging. Theories in the conflict perspective concentrate on how elders, as a group, are at odds with other groups in society. Gay, Bisexual, And Transgender Aging : A Comprehensive And Analytical Sociological Perspective On Lgbt Aging 849 Words | 4 Pages. 12.3 Sociological Perspectives on Aging Learning Objectives. Critically assess these three theories. The Functionalist View of Society. State the assumptions of disengagement, activity, and conflict theories of aging. Use vertical lines to divide your lifeline up into important life periods, with as many or as few stages as you like.

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