Jon Gary Steele recently shared a set item on Instagram but can you guess what it will be for?

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However, after 7 years of working on this extremely intense production, you can only cheer him on to try out new adventures. We have had them in black Jack Randall’s sleeping quarters, Inn’s and assorted other sets. We’ve got photos and videos right here.

This is the Jamie & Claire Paris Apartment daybed. The reason is they really did use them a lot in the 18th century and I like the way it looks and it is an elegant piece of built in furniture that can add a lot to the set. This tribute post looks back at some of his most memorable sets. Outlander‘s cast and crew have announced the departure of production designer Jon Gary Steele from the show following the series five finale. But after five seasons, he's officially leaving. by Jon Gary Steele. His talents for … They took time out from walking the red carpet to tease discuss season … Continue reading → Best Outlander Sets and Yes, Jon Gary Steele is on to The Dreaming. Every Outlander fan will know of Jon Gary Steele. As you can tell I like doing built-in beds and daybeds. OUTLANDER SEASON 2. He's been the master behind all the beautiful sets. by Jon Gary Steele. Outlander's sets and props are jaw-dropping—and the food is real.. My day kicked off with a tour from Jon Gary Steele, Outlander's production designer.Steele led me down a series of winding hallways, each decorated with framed production shots from each season, into the … ), we asked him to list his favorite sets over the past five seasons. Want to learn more about how Outlander production designer Jon Gary Steele created the Big House on Fraser’s Ridge? Jamie and Claire. Five seasons, 7 years involvement with production have left its mark on the series with Jon's innovative style, recapturing ages in the past from the 20th to the 18th century.
The 68th Creative Arts Emmy Awards Ceremony took place on September 10 and 11, and Outlander show runner Ron D. Moore and Production Designer Jon Gary Steele represented. Posted June 2, 2019 by primrosesandrue16 in Caitriona Balfe, Jon Gary Steele, Maril Davis, Outlander, Richard Rankin, Sam Heughan, Sophie Skelton, Toni Graphia.

It is with great sadness that Outlander is losing its magnificent Set Designer, Jon Gary Steel.

Jon Gary Steele helped make the Outlander TV show a fan and critic favorite, overseeing set design and creating some amazing sets. “People love the detail. Photo: Starz: Shooting flogging scenes from Season 1 This morning in Glasgow, esteemed members of the Outlander crew and fans gathered for an inside look at the making of Outlander, hosted by Guru Live, for the Scotland BAFTA’s. Why not make it as amazing as you can?” he tells […]

Malcolm” episode of Outlander . Well, a nail-biting two week break seems a good time to reflect, no? I also included some photos he shared previously, as well as some that his partner Barry shared.

With everyone keeping inside their homes, Outlander production designer Jon Gary Steele share some behind the scenes photos of the sets.

Malcolm' print shop October 23, 2017 Warning: This post contains spoilers for the “A. Farewell to John Gary Steele. Jon Gary Steele is officially leaving Outlander after five seasons Welcome to the official Beautiful Life channel. We may be into Droughtlander but we’re getting the odd glimpse here and there of Outlander Season 5 filming. As you can tell I like doing built-in beds and daybeds. Leave a reply. 'Outlander' Postmortem: How production designer Jon Gary Steele built the 'A. Barry Waldo was in attendance with Production Designer Jon Gary Steele, and he live tweeted the panel […]

This is the Jamie & Claire Paris Apartment daybed.

Outlander Season 5 is in the middle of filming. We have had them in black Jack Randall’s sleeping quarters, Inn’s and assorted other sets. The world of Outlander will never be as beautiful.

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