Question Posted / lalit kumar. Post New Answer. These general registers are accustomed to hold information like every different register. The Intel 8085 is one of the candidates. Figure:1 8085 Microprocessor Architecture block diagram.

These registers are used to store or copy temporary data, by using instructions, during the execution of the program. 0 Answers ; 73 Views ; I also Faced. They are: Four General purpose registers Four Index/Pointer registers Four Segment registers Two Other registers General purpose registers : Accumulator register consists of two 8-bit registers AL and AH, which can be combined together … Special Purpose Registers: a) Register A (Accumulator) : It is a tri-state eight bit register it is extensively used in arithmetic, logic, load and store X30 serves as the link register. Features of 8085 microprocessor. The H … They are split up into four categories: General Purpose, Index, Status & Control, and Segment. The memory size of any microprocessor depends on the number of address lines. General Purpose Registers The four general purpose registers are the AX, BX, CX, and DX registers. Architecture of 8085 Introduction. AX - accumulator, and preferred for most operations. The 8085 has six general-purpose registers to store 8-bit data; these are identified as- B, C, D, E, H, and L. These can be combined as register pairs – BC, DE, and HL, to perform some 16-bit operation.

Apart from accumulator (which is a 8 bit general purpose register), 8085 consists of six special types of registers called General Purpose Registers.

A 8085 microprocessor, is a second generation 8-bit microprocessor and is the base for studying and using all the microprocessor available in the … The general purpose registers in 8085 processors are B, C, D, E, H and L. Each register can hold 8-bit data. The registers inside the 8086 are all 16 bits. 8085 has 8 data lines and 16 address lines. The main heart of microprocessor is CPU. Figure – General purpose registers . The first CPU in the Intel family is the 8086. General purpose registers : Accumulator register consists of two 8-bit registers AL and AH, which can be combined together and used as a 16-bit register AX.

The 8086 microprocessor has a total of fourteen registers that are accessible to the programmer. (B) Each 8 bit long . General Purpose Registers:- Apart from accumulator 8085 consists of six special forms of registers known as General Purpose Registers. Ans There are 6 general purpose registers in 8085 microprocessor They are from ECE 315 at NIT Trichy

For such applications, general-purpose CPUs are unnecessary — a waste of resources; a low-powered CPU is what we need.

To program this piece of hardware, we first need to know the programming model — the logical structure of the programmable registers, flags, and the instruction set. It is divided into four groups. 2) General purpose register-(A)B,C,D,E,H &L are used as general purpose register. In ARMv8, the register file is expanded to 31 64-bit registers (called X0–X30) and the PC and SP are no longer part of the general-purpose registers. Registers used in 8085 Microprocessor and their details. General purpose registers are used to store temporary data within the microprocessor.

The 8085 architecture consists of above mentioned registers, flags and counters.

The general formula is 2^n, where n= number of address lines.

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