While it is difficult to differentiate between Roman and German chamomile, it is not impossible. You can use German chamomile essential oil to relieve the pain of menstrual cramping in several ways. For room sprays and body mists where essential oil color can again be a consideration, I use Roman Chamomile Oil. Both Chamomile oils are very safe and can be used with young children. wound care, inflamed skin, etc.). Alternatively, add a few drops of German chamomile essential oil to your bathtub and let the healing goodness wash over you. Mix 3-5 drops with V-6™ and apply to your child’s temples, stomach, or bottoms of the feet when they need it most.

Alternatively, add a few drops of German chamomile essential oil to your bathtub and let the healing goodness wash over you. Chis, MS et al. German Chamomile. It is possible to purchase essential oils of Roman and German chamomile. German Chamomile vs Roman Chamomile. 4. I prefer to use German Chamomile strictly for direct topical applications (i.e. Chamomile oil is derived from the chamomile plant. Both Chamomile oils are very safe and can be used with young children. Roman Chamomile is a light yellow to clear color oil For centuries, mothers have used chamomile with their children. Omidbaigi, R et al. Hop and Medicinal Plants, Year XXVII, No.

Try diluting your essential oil with a suitable carrier oil and massaging it into your back lower back and abdomen. A Comprehensive Review Regarding the Botanical origin, Medical uses and chemical composition of Roman and German Chamomile. It is excellent for promoting healing and regeneration of tissue in stubborn conditions, such as eczema, psoriasis, or dermatitis. German Chamomile Essential Oil tends to be comprised of 60-70% Sesquiterpenes and 10-15% Oxides. Roman Chamomile Essential Oil - Pure & Natural Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil - 10ml 4.3 out of 5 stars 2,221. The leaves are ferny and delicate, and it has a typical aster flower, with a yellow disc in the middle surrounded by evenly spaced white florets. The odour profile is one of bittersweet herbaceous hay like notes with a warm and fruity overture. German Chamomile vs Roman Chamomile. It is sometimes cultivated for its essential oil, which is higher in the active ingredient chamazulene than the Roman variety. It does so through nourishing and calming dry, irritated or flaky skin. German chamomile is most commonly grown for its delicate, ornamental white flowers that add interest to the summer garden. See more ideas about Roman chamomile, Essential oil uses and Essential oils. 1-2, 2019. The herb has a long-standing tradition, especially in Europe, for all states of tension and the visceral symptoms that can arise therefrom, such as nervous dyspepsia, and nervous bowel, tension headaches, sleeplessness. Roman chamomile gives out a clear to pale yellow, sometimes with a hint of blue oi whilst the oil from the German chamomile is a deep blue which is due to the chamzulene content of the oil. Feb 3, 2019 - Explore ninaongpinmd's board "Roman Chamomile vs German Chamomile", followed by 209 people on Pinterest.

In fact, chamomile is actually related to daisies. Physically, chamomile essential oils are incorporated in blends to help support the nervous system (German and Roman), the immune system (mainly German), the musculoskeletal system (German and Roman), and sometimes the respiratory system (Roman).

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