The young Woman would watch … The young Giganta went to see Dr. Palmer for a visit so he could check on her teeth.

She is generally an enemy of Wonder Woman. DC Super Hero Girls (2019) [ edit ] This incarnation of Giganta, she's just mindset is akin to the stereotypical jock, picking on those weaker than her and a … Giganta of superfriends.jpg. Giganta wants to be important, to be seen, to be noticed. Briefly she was also romantically involved with the Atom.

In the series, she always goes barefoot. She gets jealous of women who garner more attention than she does, such as Wonder Woman. ? Scolia-giganta (Russian: Сколия-гигант) is a ATOM RPG creature, Giant Wasps that inhabit the Wastes. She is a frequent enemy of Wonder Woman as well as the Justice League. Flashpoint: Hal Jordan Issue 3 "Hard-Travelling Hero" published October 2011. Giganta is a DC Universe minifigure that appears in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham. Giganta in All-New Atom issue 3.jpg. r/ComicPlot: This subreddit is like /r/WatchItForThePlot but features "plot" from comic books instead. Giganta, real name Doris Zuel, is a size-shifting supervillain from DC Comics. Giganta is very proud of her size and power and likes boasting about how tough she is. She was created by the late William Moulton Marston and the late Harry G. Peter. She was good friends with Dr. Palmer knowing with his Atom suit he could shrink and get a better view of her teeth than any Dentist could.

Giganta is a female super-villain with the ability to drastically increase her size and shape, acting as an enemy to Wonder Woman. In addition she is a brilliant scientist. Giganta 3.png. She has leopard printed legs and chest. She also has a red hair piece. Captain Atom believed Batman could be easily killed by supervillains, including Giganta who would simply step on him. Cartoons Challenge of the Superfriends. Giganta from Flashpoint Hal Jordan Vol 1 3.jpg. Giganta has a soft spot for farm animals and is a vegetarian due to ethical opposition to cruelty against animals. Her arms, hands, and stomach area are bare.

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