I need bundles where are they? You'll also experience less interruptions since bundled messages don't create a notification on your phone by default. You'll notice there are some significant differences to a Gmail Inbox. Google Inbox is shutting down, and Gmail doesn’t sort your emails by the date the way Inbox did.Happily, you can re-create the feature yourself with a little bit of hackery. My setup: Google Domains for mydomain.com + Gmail for me@gmail.com. I want to use domain email forwarding so that all emails go to/from me@mydomain.com with me@gmail.com used as …

Blogger Jeff Atwood was complaining on Twitter about potentially missing Inbox’s automatic date grouping, which doesn’t exist in Gmail. Unfortunately, for now Inbox features such as the Bundles don’t seem to have an addon to add it back in. Inbox had some great features over Gmail like reminders, snoozing messages so they surface later on, bundles for grouping similar conversations, and AI-powered smart replies. If you really can’t, consider shopping around for a new mail provider that offers a similar, if not identical, feature to the one you want.

Bundles, illustrated by Manu Cornet, Software Engineer on Inbox Bundles expand on Gmail's categories so you can stay organized with less effort and read the most important messages—like those from friends and family—first. Then, click the button for From, which will show a variety of filter criteria. Click Save. Here is what mine looks like (content grayed out). Bundles like Inbox could be coming to Gmail The feature set available on the Inbox app was great, so the feature parity effort coming to Gmail is welcome but a bit late. Gmelius is like a Swiss army knife for your inbox (and just happens to be made in Switzerland!) Click Add under the automatically add messages menu. Last September, Google noted that it would eventually add bundles to Gmail.This organization method introduced in 2014 groups together similar emails for users to expand and mass archive. Add bundles to Gmail before you kill Inbox, Google. You can also add emails yourself by clicking on Move To from an open email. Update 1 : 2018/09/12 6:04pm PDT According to The Verge , bundles are set to arrive in Gmail someday, but there's no schedule just yet. I still use gmail personally so would like to see this implemented or I might make the switch as well. The inbox gets auto-sorted into things like Updates, Promos, and Social without you needing to do anything, just like Gmail. Then, click the settings button. Getting in with Inbox. To automatically add emails to a bundle, go to the main menu and select the label. Bundles like Inbox could be coming to Gmail. You can create any type of filter criteria you wish. The feature set available on the Inbox app was great, so the feature parity effort coming to Gmail is welcome but a bit late. It’s best to think about the kind of features you liked in Inbox and try to replicate them in Gmail somehow. We are switching our business email from gmail to office 365 because of their failure to recreate bundles.

Labels are Gmail's biggest failure as someone coming back from Inbox.

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