They say if you love someone, let them free But right now I just know for sure it’s time to keep The best thing life could ever give, i’m truly blessed It is you and loved by you every single day I say hi, hi to you I say hey good morning, love … It Must Be Love Lyrics: First I get cold and hot / Think I'm on fire, but I'm not / Oh, what a pain I've got / It must be love / There's nothing I can do / All that I want is you / Look what I'm going Arlan - Good Morning Love Lyrics. They say if you love someone, let them free But right now I just know for sure it's time to keep The best thing life could ever give, i'm tr They say if you love someone, let them free But right now I just

Smiles in the morning As warm as sunshine Kisses when I lay down at night And 2 loving arms To console me I should be scared, it's so right But, too much of a good thing Is a good thing Feelings like this can't be wrong And, too

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