Free . Included in this Fire of London bundle is an animated powerpoint presentation, to engage and enthuse young children. Preview.

Song can easily be found on YouTube. The baker forgot to put out the fire he used to bake bread. 4.5 4 customer reviews. Preview and details Files included (3) pptx, 4 MB. The shop was in ‘Pudding Lane’ and belonged to Thomas Faynor who baked for the King. Preview.

The fire lasted four days, and burned down over 13,000 homes. Author : Created by AppleForTheTeacherLtd. Samuel Pepys was jolly lucky, because the fire he wrote about in his diary stopped almost at the end of his street and his own house was untouched. See if your child knows when and where it started, how many homes were destroyed and which famous monument was erected. This friendly quiz aimed at KS1 children in year 1 and year 2 asks questions about one such event - the Great Fire of London. The Great Fire Of London Bundle of Activities including Powerpoint Presentation (no rating) 0 customer reviews. The famous ‘Great Fire of London’ started on Sunday 2 September 1666 in a bakers shop.

the Great Fire of London.

Explore more than 33 'The Great Fire Of London Powerpoint' resources for teachers, parents and pupils as well as related resources on 'The Great Fire Of London Story' Created: May 23, 2017. Script, PPT and song words for Great Fire of London assembly. The Great Fire of London 1. Significant events are studied in History lessons. In 1666, a huge fire that started in a tiny bakery burned down most of London. There are a lot of reasons why the fire was so large, mostly to do with the way houses were built – a lot of them were made from wood, and were very close together. The fire was so big that it was called the Great Fire of London.

KS1 Assembly on The Great Fire of London. 3. The children loved learning the actions too. 4. Teach children about the fire service with this fantastic and informative resource.

docx, … Created: Oct 19, 2018 | Updated: Feb 22, 2019. Pupils will write about the Great Fire of London, with questions to inspire and prompt writing; the pack could be used as part of a history topic. Read more. Loading... Save for later. Author: Created by LSutherland2013. The PowerPoint contains information about the arrival of female firefighters to the service and a pictorial guide to the uniforms and equipment dating from 1667 to now. When the fire started on September 2 nnddnd and then spread, he expected his house to be burnt down and he had tried hard to protect his property. This year 2 writing assessment resource pack provides the opportunity for KS1 pupils to produce cross-curricular writing that can be assessed against the year 2 Teacher Assessment Framework (TAF). The Great FireThe Great Fire of Londonof London 2. It's easy to read and has lots of vibrant illustrations, so your students will have no problem understanding what is asked of them! You could also use this Great Fire of London Display Poster to further support your teaching on this topic.  Assembly-PPT. The PowerPoint includes the history of the fire service in Great Britain, including its formation after The Great Fire of London in 1666. This resource provides three differentiated reading activities, as well as lots of comprehension tasks.

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