The most op build in wvw rn - easily crushes all condi and power builds with its evades and massive heals x.x. Only thing is, if you're fighting pure condi builds, you rely on plasma rng. Skritt. I used to play it in WvW as a full, YOLO, marauder/berserker stat build with rifle. You cant cast weapon skills while using celestial avatar. You cant rely on celestial avatar for CC. We are sadly hege wizards in guild wars 2 rather than like the crazy PBAOE, High Earth KD spam or blind bot Air /rtl 5 second kill spike. Those are really the only two viable Ranger builds in WvW, unfortunately. Great Sword for Soulbeast and Staff for Druid would be the other recommended weapons.

Vallun 3,087 views.

Join. This build has higher dmg than any build running the NM + WS variant, and better boons higher dmg than BM + WS variant. Doing Skritt Math. 1.6k.
all Celestial avatar skills have a cast time which can be interrupted very easily unless you hit them with the daze and they arent able to stunbreak in time. Created Oct 13, 2009. I hope you continue to watch and enjoy!!!

Either way, make sure you have Longbow as one of your weapons. ... Guild Wars 2 news and discussion. You can switch your builds and gear quickly now as there are templates/build slots. path of fire gw2 guild wars 2 2020 wvw pvp roaming build guide guardian firebrand dragonhunter core outnumbered donotd. There are plenty of good builds that never make it to MetaBattle and MB does tend to list some WvW builds that aren't commonly used or even accepted by the "serious" WvW guilds. NOTE: The traits and skills use the GW2 API which only displays the PvE balance, in WvW most will be different So have I have one for PVE, WvW zergs, and another one for WvW roaming. Thank you all for helping out the channel! Builds for blob fights.
Druid isnt optimal for roaming because it doesnt have enough options. 237k. Once you accept the limitations of a site curated by volunteers, it's still a good first choice for those wanting a decent place to start. ! New The Time Lord/Lady - Guild Wars 2 Combo Chronomancer PvP Build Guide - Mesmer 3v3/Conquest - Duration: 47:56. Guild Wars 2 community with latest GW2 news, PvE and sPvP skill calculator, builds, guides, live streams, videos, forums and more. I mostly played in small groups (aka havoc) and Zerg, where I would dive into the enemy blob and interrupt with photo-hammer or just put out pure dps.

If you want better chances of winning vs condi, swap NM for WS. All ele builds are meta since we are limited in WvW since we don't have a true pure glass in sword it is not scepter it doesn't roll that way lol.

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