Takamura (R-2, harder than VG-10) Masakage yuki (carbon clad in stainless - currently on sale at cktg, which makes it my top pick atm). 64.9k

A place to talk about the use, maintenance, and acquisition of any bladed kitchen instrument as well as whetstones, cutting boards, and more! It is an all purpose knife useful for general cooking tasks. It's perfectly balanced and feels comfortable in the hand, too. With its super-sharp edge, sleek tapered shape, and comfortable handle, this knife will make …

The KUMA 8-inch Chef's Knife's thin blade makes it great for cutting vegetables or slicing through delicate cuts of meat.

I'm thinking I can get more out of this knife by sharpening it and also I'd like to hone my sharpening skills (no pun intended) before getting a nicer knife as I'd much rather mess up a 30 dollar knife. Victorinox makes a variety of chef’s knives, and this has one of the highest specs. It just so happens that recently I was given a $100 gift card on Amazon. I would also chime in with my recco, which would be a 240mm Richmond Artifex Gyuto style chef knife that is made from AEBL Swedish surgical steel and is probably the most balanced, nimble, lightweight, thin, and super easy to sharpen knife i have owned. Best Bang for buck Chef's Knife.

This short list is designed not only to highlight quality chef knives, but to give you a sense of what’s out there (a lot!) The most important knife is the all-purpose, versatile, sturdy, roughly eight-inch chef's knife. 4116 Stainless Steel Knife, Full Tang Blade Cook Knife with Finger Guard, Knife Sharpener, Blade Guard, Gift … Mercer Culinary 8-Inch Chinese Chef's Knife with Wood Handle, Stainless Steel, Silver, 42.24 x….

A place for all things chef knives. Butt: The butt is the end of the knife’s handle.

Global G-48 – Santoku Hollow Ground Knife. Hecef Chef Knife 7 inch - High Quality Kitchen Fruit & Vegetable Knife Stainless Steel Blade…. Point: The point of a knife blade is its very tip.

I don't mind spending a bit more than $100 either for the right set. It didn’t disappoint and aced our sharpness test.

I have owned about 10 odd knives in this price range (low end - mid range).

Edge: The edge of a chef’s knife is the sharp side. Chinese cleaver / Cai Dao - A boxy knife with a broad blade used as a variation of a chef's knife. It is an all purpose knife useful for general cooking tasks. After hours of testing, we came away with some solid recommendations: a high-quality chef’s knife capable of any kitchen task—the winning Zwilling Pro 8" Chef's Knife (available at Amazon for $149.95), a slightly more specialized knife for experienced cooks, and a value knife that went edge-to-edge with some of the more expensive knives. Chef Knife, MOSFiATA Kitchen Knife 8 inch, Premier High Carbon German EN1.

Gesshin Uraku gyuto (stainless or White #2 (carbon)) Gesshin Stainless gyuto.

8. and help you find the knife that’s right for you. One of their best products is the G-48, a razor-sharp Santoku knife with an eye-catching, all-steel construction.. Diswoe Kitchen Knife with Sharp Blade Hollow Edge Premier German High Carbon Stainless Steel with…. Masamoto moly. MAC might.

Spine: The spine of a chef’s knife is the slightly flattened side of the blade that isn’t sharp. The knife feels solid and is impressively well-engineered. Mac MTH-80 The best chef’s knife for most people. Best Chef Knives — Six Recommendations Last updated 10.01.19 — Here are six recommendations that cover some of the best chef knives around, each produced by a different world-class knifemaker. Blade: This term refers to the entire knife, save the handle. As you well know (or are just about finding out) Global is a Japanese manufacturer widely praised for its top-of-the-line cutlery and high-tech designs.

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