The two pitches are the same and are called enharmonic equivalents. Listen to Altissimo Register G sharp/A flat. This is the standard fingering for G sharp/A flat, but it can be flat in pitch on some clarinets. Listen to Altissimo Register F sharp/G flat. How to Play Low G sharp and A flat on the Clarinet. Great for printing out for your beginning student. How to Play High G sharp and A flat on the Clarinet. How to Play High F sharp and G flat on the Clarinet. Fingering #2 is sometimes better in tune depending on the instrument, but it is harder to reach in most passages when playing in the altissimo register. ... Notes on the fingerings for high F sharp Fingering #1 is the standard fingering for F sharp, but it is typically flat in pitch. If you were wondering what the song was its Sonata for piano and clarinet by Francis Poulenc. I've looked at fingering charts but the highest I can find is the G which is four ledger lines up. Notes on the fingerings for high G Fingering #1 is used most often for high G, although it can be a bit sharp on some clarinets. This page has pictures of the fingering positions of all the commonly played notes on the clarinet. I'm looking for the G sharp which is four ledger lines up plus a sharp. Experiment with using different pinky keys to improve the pitch. Listen to Low G sharp/A flat . There is one fingering for Low G sharp and A flat. To see the fingerings for other pitches, select one of the note images in the chart below. There are three standard fingerings for F sharp and G flat.

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