Hisoka has greater strength by a noticeable amount but I'm unsure he has the speed to fight someone who goes toe to toe with alucard. This is my reasons why I don't think he is: 1. But as Hisoka observes him, he realized his attachment for Gon changed. Gon manages to land a punch on Hisoka’s face. I truly believe Gon and Hisoka are meant to fight one day, and I think it would be a very appropriate battle. In the beginning Hisoka was just watching Gon for the sake to kill him when Gon hits his peak. Hisoka and Netero went inside before I did.

After registering, they are confronted by three fighters from the 200th floor, namely Gido, Sadaso, and Riehlvelt. Hisoka Morow (ヒソカ゠モロウ, Hisoka Morou) is a Hunter and former member#4 of the Phantom Troupe; his physical strength ranked third in the group. At first, Hisoka plays around, and it seems like Kastro has the upper hand, with one of Hisoka's arms missing. The perfect Hxh Hisoka Gon Animated GIF for your conversation. Related GIFs. I don't think it will end like that. Hisoka had it when he saw Killua kiss Gon. (The picture is what She and her family look like!) If you think back to the Hunter Exam, the first time Gon felt true thrill and excitement was when he first encountered and battled Hisoka in that fog. He said it made his heart excited, and Hisoka actually feels the same way. music- R.I.P roach by xxxtentacion/ski mask the slump god thnx for watching /go follow us on instagram :@the_anime_foody DONT FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE!! Details Duration: 2.590 sec Dimensions: 450x252 Created: 11/26/2018, 3:47:28 AM. This infuriates Gon who attacks with greater fury.

Gon’s promise has been fulfilled. He is always in search for strong opponents, and would spare those who have great potential, such as Gon and Killua in order for them to get strong enough to actually challenge him. While this fight is a powerful spectacle within its own right, it's greatest aim is to show the great gap between the two, and Gon's growth as a fighter. Hisoka then fights Kastro. What ever it was, it made Hisoka rather mad that the man seemed to constantly show up where ever I was. ! I sat in a meditating position and did my usual practice of making my Nen rise and fall with my breath. In a fight to the death, Gon's only goal is to get his opponent dead and will take any sacrifice necessary. On the other hand, Hisoka is someone who clearly enjoys the act of fighting itself and the exhilaration of besting an opponent through strategy and trickery. Read The Fight from the story Gon's sister (killua x reader x hisoka) by Emuchilde4life (Jd) with 994 reads. Razor reveals to Gon that he is a death row convict captured by Ging and brought to the island. Or perhaps he was interested. The two successfully register before time runs out.

Hisoka lands a punch sending Gon flying. Perhaps he was just curious and was looking to fight me later. Gon's been training his hardest just to pay back Hisoka a punch while Hisoka's been laying in quiet anticipation of Gon's growth. He showcases here newfound strengths and senses of strategy, as he aims to surprise Hisoka. He is defeated in a dodgeball game by Gon's allied party (consisting of Gon, Killua, Biscuit, Hisoka, and several other players hired by Battera). When Gon and Killua reach the 200th floor in Heaven's Arena, Hisoka stops them, and offers to fight Gon if he can win a match on the 200th floor.

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