My Sumo runs +6 sec/day and my 6309 powered 7549 Tuna runs -15 sec/day. It has a seagull movement if that matters. These watches frequently sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Well, with a little old world craftsmanship you can get close. How accurate is a self-winding automatic watch? These days, the debate between quartz and automatic watches is very much alive. Mine loses about one minute per day, and I’m wondering if that is within specs. Even the most precise watches lose or gain seconds daily or weekly, and an automatic watch is no different. Re: How accurate is your automatic mechanical Seiko? All watches tend to gain or lose a few seconds over a period of time. How accurate is the Seiko 5 Automatic watch movement? Women's and men's automatic watches are popular categories in the luxury watch market.

Automatic watches are mechanical timepieces that offer many benefits over traditional wind-by-hand watches and modern battery-operated quartz watches. I have an inexpensive Parnis automatic pilot's watch that I scored on ebay for $130, and but the end of the day, it'll be off by anywhere between 5-10 seconds. Automatic watches, while they don’t have a battery, need servicing every 3-5 years Why Choose Automatic Over Quartz. FAQs About Automatic Watches. Now, most would say that's not very accurate. Most well built automatics will hold accuracy from five seconds to 20 seconds per day or better. But in the real world most find it perfectly acceptable. Even though the Tuna is within spec, it is a toy watch since I built it (personally and not by someone else), I will mess with it to get it closer. Any device that has moving parts is never going to attain one hundred percent accuracy. Automatic watches are powered by the movement of your wrist. As long as you wear it, it will keep ticking. These are small mechanical or electro-mechanical devices that are counting out 86,400 seconds per day. Can I get a mechanical that is as accurate as a quartz watch? Even if a watch is 99.9% accurate, it will still be off by a minute and a half in only 24 hours! Quartz vs Automatic Watches Today: The State of Play. Most of the world’s finest watches are automatic, mechanical items created painstakingly by some of the globe’s finest micro-engineers. If automatic watches are more expensive, less reliable and accurate, and require more maintenance, why are watch aficionados and collectors so drawn to automatic watches?

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