The grand jury members are asked to appear in court for varying lengths of time: some grand jury sessions last for months, but only require jury members to sit in court for a few days each month. Three days per week are the minimum number of days worked. A grand jury (12 to 23 people) is a body that investigates criminal conduct. Each selected juror receives a summons to appear for jury duty at the courthouse on the scheduled date and time. However, jurors will often work four and sometimes five days a week. “If it’s random that the first 52 are Hispanic, then we have 52 Hispanic grand jurors. The court then randomly selects grand jurors from among the candidates eligible to serve according to their questionnaire answers. The grand jury plays an important role in the criminal process, but not one that involves a finding of guilt or punishment of a party. The Jury Selection and Service Act establishes the process for selecting jurors and outlines qualifications a person must meet to serve on a federal jury. The 19 individuals selected will constitute the Civil Grand Jury for the ensuing fiscal year commencing July 1 st. Service on the San Bernardino County Civil Grand Jury can be a full-time job for one full year. They’re chosen randomly, and there’s no jury selection process. Instead, a prosecutor will work with a grand jury to decide whether to bring criminal charges or an indictment against a potential defendant -- usually reserved for serious felonies. If the first 52 are black, we have 52 black grand jurors,” Cason says. A: Grand jurors are selected the same way jurors are selected in each county – with names gathered at random by a computer from voter registration lists. How Grand Juries Are Selected Grand juries are made up of randomly-selected laypeople. Grand Jury Selection Process The list of prospective jurors, both for regular jury trials and for a grand jury, is made up of names from the registered voters and people holding a driver’s license within each judicial district. U.S. citizens, 18-years-old and older, may qualify to serve in the federal courts on a jury.

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