I was wondering if there was any way to determine the future personalities in a litter of kittens. her best friend was the black & white tuxie... that was Pixel, & Mouse was her littermate. Choosing the Best Kitten in the Litter. min read. Cats and kittens are very sensitive about cleanliness, especially of their litter boxes. Then, complete the adoption application form and pay the fee. Try putting a litter mat underneath and around the litter box to catch spilled litter. Published by. If you can't seem to prevent your cat from spreading litter outside the box, you can at least make it easier to clean up. It turned out the exact opposite. If you are choosing your kitten from a litter, a few simple tips can help you pick well. Or let the two kittens pick YOU Click to expand... to both - my pair - i had always wanted a blue cat, so i told the litter owner i wanted the blue kitten & her best friend [secretly hoping it would be the blue-point male]. Two brothers are the best combo going - but that's just my opinion (and my cats!) they were always the best of friends, until Mouse's untimely passing Have the kittens seen the vet, had health screening, been vaccinated and wormed? Play with the kittens – This is another great way to check for the cat’s personality. Use something other than your finger to entice it to play, if they express an interest, then you may have a winner. Clean your kitten's litter box. My question is once I pick them how will I and the breeder know which kittens are mine from picking them the month before? Keep your kitten’s litter box clean and available to it, which may also stop your kitten from crying. The cutest kitten in the litter - but is she the one you should choose? Take your time and ask lots of questions. You don't want the kittens to be let loose in a house they have NO clue as to where things are. You should also buy a litter box, food bowl, and water bowl for each kitten. Don't worry too much about their sex - although boys are cheaper to fix then girls if that's any help. Kittens can share many of their supplies—including litter boxes (Remember: it’s recommended that cat owners keep two litter boxes for one cat; three litter boxes for two cats; and so on), food and water dishes, toys, beds, and more. min read. Choosing the Best Kitten in the Litter. This litter had only two kittens, so it wasn’t as difficult as it would have been had … Have the kittens seen the vet, had health screening, been vaccinated and wormed? Make sure the litter box is small enough so that your kitten … It really depends what you want. You’d find the colour that you like best. You should not take a kitten from her mother or her littermates too early. Published by. To adopt a pair of kittens, try to pick two from the same litter, since they already have a bond with each other. When it's time to clean, simply pick up the litter mat and take all the spilled litter with it. Ex: the one that strays away from them will be less cuddly and more independent I bought a kitten who was very docile compared to the siblings thinking it would end up being very cuddly and people oriented. Add a litter mat. Once you choose a kitten and arrive home with your new pet, ask your veterinarian to recommend kitten food that meets the needs of your kitten. Pick them up – After playing with them, try to pick one up. What sort of environment is the litter being kept in? Take your time and ask lots of questions. I know this is a silly question but I'm getting a male and female siamese kittens in 2 months, next month I get to go pick out the 2 that I want from the litter. Once you bring the kittens home, keep them in one room for the first few days until they settle in. She needs to be at least six or seven weeks of age.

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