And I am very excited that my Granny Purse is included too! Once you learn how to crochet, you will need to learn how to read crochet patterns, or guides to crocheting all sorts of items. There are 11 patterns in all and they range from purses, to clutches, to totes. I have most of the terms, abbreviations and stitch instructions on my Crochet Basics Page.

Throughout this season, we’re reposting some of our favorite columns by Barbara Breiter, author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Knitting & Crocheting, previously featured in our Weekly Stitch newsletter.

Some crochet patterns are designed for those beginning to

Mar 23, 2017 - Part of learning to read crochet patterns is learning what all those symbols mean. Crochet Patterns Fabric Tools + Supplies Gift Cards BLOG What does the number in parentheses mean in a crochet pattern? AllFreeCrochet has put together a new eBook full of patterns for fun crochet bags. How to Read Crochet Patterns. Although you can tell a lot by looking at a crochet designer’s photos, you want to read this extra info to make sure that you want to work the pattern. How to Read a Crochet Pattern: Description and Skill Level The first thing that you’ll typically see after the name of a crochet pattern is a description of the piece. One of the things I hear most often from students and customers is "I know the basic stitches, but have no idea how to read a crochet pattern". In fact, it wasn't so long ago that I was in the same boat, struggling to How to Read Crochet Patterns for Beginners Part 2 Round vs. Row When you’re reading a crochet pattern, you will first notice that your project will be completed either in rounds or rows. The first time you’re faced with a crochet pattern can be a scary experience, but with an understanding of the abbreviations and a few pointers, you’ll be well on your way to creating beautiful crocheted items in …

The first step in learning how to read a crochet pattern is to learn the terms and abbreviations. P… Learn how to interpret brackets, parentheses, asterisks and other symbols in knitting and crochet patterns. Learning how to read crochet patterns! Once you familiarize yourself with these terms reading patterns will be much easier for you.

All of these can be used in the same pattern, and while it might seem confusing at first, they actually make the patterns much easier to read. Here's what all those crochet pattern symbols mean! Parentheses, asterisks, brackets, oh my! Click

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