Magpul PMAG 7.62 AC/AICS Short Action 10 Round Magazine .308 Winchester/7.62 NAT... Magpul PMAG 7.62 AC/AICS Short Action 10 Round Mag... Our Low Price $59.50 ... Ruger 6.5 PRC AICS Pattern Magazine 3 Rounds Ruger Precision Rifle and Hawkeye L... Ruger 6.5 PRC AICS Pattern Magazine 3 Rounds Ruger... Our Low Price $75.36 MDT's magazines are AICS compatible to fit our MDT chassis systems and many more. They are made to work in AICS compatible bottom metals or chassis. The WSM/SAUM magazine from Accurate Mag will work for any short action magnum cartridge with a COAL of 2.950″ or less. In my rifle only the GSR magazine's base pad protrudes from my stock. ACCURACY INTERNATIONAL AICS. This can be a bit challenging - use the following guide to select the right mag for your gun. WSM/SAUM – Available in 3 or 7 round capacities. These magazines are made of …

However, I did have to do some modifications to the 3 round GSR magazine to get it to fit and feed reliably in my rifle. CHASSIS SYSTEMS .

The short action magazines are offered for .308 Win and 6.5 Creedmoor family cartridges, and are available in 5-round, 10-round and 12 round capacity. MDT AICS-pattern metal magazines are manufactured from high strength steel, nitride-finished and coated with Cerakote Elite for ultimate durability and performance. Check out our different MDT magazines selection for short action and long actions calibers with capacities of five, ten or twelve rounds depending on the model. The Ruger GSR 3 round polymer magazine comes in at 1.9oz The AICS 5 round steel magazine comes in at 5.5oz Here's a size comparison between the two. Metal and Polymer AICS Magazines MDT has expanded its offering of both polymer and metal magazines. A combat proven feature of all our sniper rifles is the polymer and alloy chassis (not merely a stock), which provides the rigidity, strength and durability necessary to provide a stable, rugged platform for the barreled action in … Which Accuracy International Magazine Do I Want? AICS Legacy | AICS AT Chassis Magazines. 3901 - AICS .308 Win 5-Round 3902 - AICS .308 Win 10-Round 0479 - AICS .300 Win Mag 5-Round 4368 - AICS .300 Win Mag 10-Round 6715 - AICS .338 Lapua Mag CIP 5-Round

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