Prefix Designation IPv4 equivalent::/128: Unspecified This address may only be used as a source address by an initializing host before it has learned its own addresses.

FF02::1 is the all node multicast address. An IPv6 address is made of 128 bits divided into eight 16-bits blocks. IPv6 address types.

Unicast Address - An unicast IP address is an identifier for a single network interface. Before introducing IPv6 Address format, we shall look into Hexadecimal Number System.

- [Instructor] IPv6 has many address types, … each filling a different need. Link Local; Unique Local; Link Local. Unicast: An address for a single interface. A packet sent to a unicast address is delivered to the interface identified by that address. Packets addressed to a unicast address are delivered to a single interface. These are meant to be used inside an internal network, and again they are not routed on the Internet. By end of the video, you will be able to recognize the different types of IPv6 addresses making them less complicated to work with. Packets sent to this address will be received by all IPv6 hosts on the local link. Link local addresses start with fe80. A link-local address is an IPv6 unicast address that can be automatically configured on any interface using the link-local prefix FE80::/10 (First hextet: FE80::10 to FEBF::/10). Table H-1 IPv6 Address Types. Then, when a packet send to the anycast address, teh packet is delivered to the closest node.

Link is a network or subnet, this type of address is not routable off the link and it is unique only on the link. Anycast. IPv6 Address Types.

… I'll start with the address type that IPv6 … was really designed to provide to the world, Global Unicast. IPv6 also has two Internal address types. These are meant to configure on one interface so that you can send and receive IPv6 packets. … A Global Unicast address is a globally unique address. IPv6 addresses are classified into three categories: unicast, anycast and multicast addressing. Explanation: FF02::1:FFAE:F85F is a solicited node multicast address. (Not all options are used.) Anycast addresses are new address type of IPv6. The first part contains the address prefix, and the second part contains the interface identifier. These … An IPv6 packet sent to an unicast address is delivered to a single interface. The IPv6 address is much larger than the IPv4 address and looks complicated. Download the PDF handout:IPv6 Address Types0:18 Looking at basic types of IPv6 address.

IPv6 Multicast Addresses The variable-length field containing these leading bits is called a Format Prefix (FP). Anycast – identifies one or more interfaces. IPv6 - Address Types & Formats Hexadecimal Number System. It is equivalent to the IPv4 address which is allocated on an IPv4 network when no DHCP server is found. An IPv6 device must have at least a link-local address. This address is assigned to a set of interfaces that typically belong to the different nodes. An IPv6 unicast address is divided into two parts. Three categories of IPv6 addresses exist: Unicast – represents a single interface.

2001:DB8::BAF:3F57:FE94 is a global unicast address. There are a number of different unicast address types that we’ll discuss here. Loopback This address is used when a host talks to itself over IPv6. In this … In most cases these interfaces belong to different nodes. Address Types.

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