Both can be good, and both are typically made better by including bacon. If this is the first you hear about the Big King XL Sandwich, know that this monster of a sandwich is no stranger to the In a careful study conducted by professional Twitter robot scientists, 72% of people DO NOT consider a burger a sandwich, and the numbers are growing at an alarming rate. i dont think so my mom does ! One student noted that the menu designer at the restaurant where she worked couldn’t decide if a chicken burger should be listed under Hamburgers or Sandwiches. And lets not forget about a So yes, hot dogs and hamburgers are, by definition, very much sandwiches. It explicitly says that it's a sandwich.

A burger is defined as being ground beef on a bun, but as of late, that definition is pretty loose and includes other types of ground meat and even some plant based options. A hamburger (also called a beef burger, hamburger sandwich, burger or hamburg) is a sandwich consisting of one or more cooked patties of ground meat, usually beef, placed inside a sliced bun. People love to eat them and thus had given rise to many restaurants, those offering just sandwiches or burgers or both. A burger is cooked by placing a filling of meat or vegetables between a bun, sliced into two. lol let me know! Burger and sandwich, these two names are very popular in youngsters specially. I've seen some old Connecticut diner menus from the 1920s call it a "Hamburg Sandwich." The difference lies only in the if it is thats like saying a hotdogs a sandwich... and its not!! To me a burger is a hamburger and it is typically on a bun. So yes, hot dogs and hamburgers are, by definition, very much sandwiches. A sandwich consists of two bread slices (flat bread) and filled with placing a filling of meat or vegetables between these two slices. *The crowd whispers frantically in a frenzy of disbelief and outrage* *A woman in the back of the press room faints* After much deliberation, I have proof.

i think a burgers a burger!! All you'll need is quality ground beef, one egg and a How to Make a Hamburger Egg Sandwich.

If you can't decide between having a burger or some eggs why not combine the two for a delicious hamburger egg sandwich. Give a warm welcome back to the Big King XL Sandwich! hamburger Not to be confused with: burgher – citizen of a town or borough n. 1.

Burger and sandwich, these two names are very popular in youngsters specially. Burger King has brought back a fan favorite. Essentially, anything can be a sandwich so long as it’s between two slices of bread or inside a roll or bun. One even suggested that his burger wasn’t a sandwich, but instead “a work of art.” Watch the video below and then add your own voice by … burger synonyms, burger pronunciation, burger translation, English dictionary definition of burger. Define burger. A BURGER IS NOT A SANDWICH. Caprese Burgers with Garlic Sweet Potato Fries BEST Burger Recipes. That's correct.

Burger King (also referred to as BK) is an international fast food chain that’s usually seen …

A sandwich is anything you build between 2 slices of bread. Another student invoked the USDA’s definition of a sandwich as “meat or poultry between two slices of bread.”.

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