In 1904, “Puck Magazine” published a cartoon by Udo J. Keppler (son of founder Joseph Keppler) showing a Standard Oil tanker as an octopus with a wicked gaze; its tentacles wrapped around various political establishments, such as the White House. He was with He graduated from the Columbia Institute in 1888, and studied in Germany in 1890 and 1891. 38 Samuel Ehrhardt, ‘History Repeats Itself: The Robber Barons of the Middle Ages and the Robber Barons of Today’, Puck , … That way, they named their friends to the U.S. Senate. One of his tentacles is curling around Spain, where the Civil War is still raging. What does the octopus represent? 2. Udo Keppler’s often overshadowed by his father, the seminal satirical cartoonist and PUCK founder Joseph Keppler. “He is a curious mixture of the lion, mule and octopus,” gobbling up territories along the route to India: Gibraltar, the Cape, Malta, Cyprus and the recently inaugurated Suez Canal. "Next" by Joseph Keppler, published in Puck Magazine 1904 This political cartoon is of a "Standard Oil Tanker" shaped as an octopus. But Udo K. had no reason to be anxious about his own work, nor about his legacy: he… Drawn by Joseph Keppler - a prominent Populist cartoonist for Puck, this 1889 political cartoon attracts attention to the gross power of industrial lobbies over the Senate.

Udo J. Keppler (April 4, 1872 – July 4, 1956), known from 1894 as Joseph Keppler Jr., was an American political cartoonist, publisher, and Native American advocate.The son of cartoonist Joseph Keppler (1838–1894), who founded Puck magazine, the younger Keppler also contributed cartoons, and became co-owner of the magazine after his father's death, when he changed his name to Joseph Keppler.

“The Standard Oil Octopus”Keppler 1904 Puck “The Standard Oil Octopus” Joseph Keppler - 1889 political cartoon "The Bosses of the Senate", “The Protectors of our Industry”1883. These terms, along with the octopus itself, all portrayed racist views of Chinese and Mongolian immigrants. Back to the Timeline. 1. QUESTIONS Answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper. Emphasized in "The Bosses of the Senate", industrialists were learning to win their monetary games through the submissive hands of government, specifically the Senate. the image of the OCTOPUS: six cartoons, 1882-1909* Nob Hill (neighbor-hood of the San Francisco powered elite) The Bancroft Library Frank Norris G. F. Keller, The Curse of California, illustration, The Wasp, 19 August 1882 1882 Wheat Export Mansion of Charles Croker (Southern Pacific Railway magnate) Wheat Ware House U.S. Bonds Mark Hopkins & Leland Stanford (Southern Pacific Railway … The Art of the Fat Cat. Joseph Keppler, Austria-born American caricaturist and founder of Puck, the first successful humorous weekly in the United States. Photo Gallery. The Freedom from Facebook graphic and Joseph Keppler's Standard Oil cartoon.

In the cartoon “Welcome to All” by Joseph Keppler published in the magazine Puck on April 28, 1880, it portrays Uncle Sam standing in front of an ark with his arms open to immigrants, who are lined up in front of the ark. Answer the questions below about the political cartoon in the Episode 2 Investigation Box of your Episode 2 Chronicles. ... Keppler’s vampire squid leans more toward the octopus side of the equation. - Joseph Keppler, 1889 - fat "money bag men" coming in "monopolist entrance" - "people's entrance" closed - Senate unorganized - monopolists bigger and more powerful - "of monopolists, by monopolists, for monopolists" Lincoln's quote with "people" He graduated from the Columbia Institute in 1888, and studied in Germany in 1890 and 1891. The late nineteenth century was also the high-water mark of British imperialism. He was elected …

UDO J. KEPPLER, “NEXT!” PUCK VOL. This American anti-communist pamphlet, produced by the Catholic Library Service in 1938, takes the octopus metaphor one step further by depicting Soviet leader Joseph Stalin himself as the sea creature. Labor Unions Emerge: Working Conditions: Six or seven days a week. Before the 17th Amendment, it was common that state legislatures were the ones that selected the United Senators. The name of the magazine was taken from the elfin character in Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream.Up until this time, American humorous journals had been modeled on Punch Magazine.However, Keppler refused to do this and created a different type of magazine.

Keppler became highly influential. At that time, big corporate interests used to buy state legislatures to maintain its economic interests and influence. Beginnings of Reform 1912-1913. His personal success allowed him to view the American Dream in a positive way, which is indicated in the cartoon. Facebook declined to comment, but pointed Business Insider to quotes in Axios when Freedom from Facebook launched . 56, SEPTEMBER 7, 1904.

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