Unfortunately, many Junior Statesmen are inexperienced in the field of debate.

Best speaker is also recorded here.

Thought Talk: Moderated open discussion of the topic. These two debaters are selected prior to the convention; they research and prepare their arguments beforehand.

Novice Debate: Same as traditional debates, but specialized for inexperienced members. Monday, Oct. 18, a banner advertising the weekly debate topic of Junior Statesmen of America (JSA) was taken down after less than 12 hours of being up. JSA debates at the conventions are planned, facilitated and carried out entirely by students. At Saturday’s SoCal State, eight debate blocks, each containing around six options for students to attend, offered topics that ranged from the current impeachment proceedings to a rap battle about Kanye West versus Kendrick Lamar. JSA debates center around “resolutions” that outline the issue being discussed. Photo by Sarah Oberlander. Hot Topics “Road Less Traveled” Featured Stories . For example, “resolved, Social Security should be privatized.” Debates begin with six-minute opening speeches by the main affirmative and negative speakers. Speed Chess: Allows for a more direct response and argument between speakers. JSA, Junior State of America, is a club at Arrowhead where students debate political topics, they are able to compete with other schools, and at the end of each debate there is a vote on what party won the debate. JSA debate victories May 24, 2013. This handbook was created as a learning tool. Styles of Debates Traditional “Resolved” Debate: Follows the regular procedure described in "JSA Debate Procedure". In a world full of endless problems and conflicting opinions, the art of debate is a very valuable tool. Background: Policymakers know that whenever government takes any action, some individual rights are going to be encroached upon. JSA at Dominguez High School in Compton, California, is a politics discussion group that meets weekly in room O-4, Tuesdays, 3:00-4:00. Welcome to JSA Debate! JSA debate victories. JSA meets once a month in Arrowhead social studies teacher, Tim Tower’s, room on the first Wednesday of every month.

.Members of CHS’s Junior State of America (JSA) chapter attended the Winter Congress trip in Washington, D.C. from Friday, Feb. 22 to Sunday, Feb. 24. Support Kweller Prep, sponsor of The Classic: The team readies itself for debate.

The topic was gay marriage, thus the sign had the words “gay marriage” written across it in addition to the information that JSA was hosting it, and that it would be after school that Wednesday in the Shark Tank. Resolved, that national security is more important than protecting individual liberties. 16 likes. The Junior State recognizes this and makes debate an integral part of its program. Dominguez High JSA / Debate.

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