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This course will provide students with the opportunity to increase their theoretical understanding of kinesiology tape, as well as the opportunity to gain practical experience in the application and removal of kinesiology tape. Our waterproof tex kinesiology sports tape package includes ten 5m x 5cm rolls in a variety of colors. Designed for physically demanding sports such as football, basketball, swimming, or exercise such as weight lifting, yoga, golf and running.

What is Kinesiology Tape? Kinesiology sports tape is labeled as the magic tap, and it is known for elasticity which offers muscles and joints the added support they need. For extended use, consider using kinesiology tape, which helps relieve pain and inflammation from soft-tissue injuries without binding or restricting your movement. Do not rub the tape, because this may cause the ends to peel. 1. The first thing to make clear is that kinesiology tape is not intended to replace sports tape. Extra Sticky Kinesiology Tape, Zinc Oxide, EAB, Cohesive, Underwrap.

NORDIC LIFTING - Kinesiology Tape - Pro Sports & Athletic Taping for Knee, Shin Splints, Shoulder and Muscle - 2" X 16.4' Uncut Roll. To dry the tape, simply pat it dry with a clean towel. Japanese practitioners were the primary users of the therapeutic kinesiology tape. SpiderTech and Doctor K brands available; Bulk discounts available.

4. FOR EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING – REVIVE Kinesiology tape is used by professional athletes, Physical therapists, and YOU. Mueller® Kinesiology Tape helps reduce pain while supporting your muscles, tendons, and ligaments. And you can do it, too. The two types of tape have completely different functions, and both have important applications in the treatment of sports … For sports & common injuries. It is going to prevent your muscles from cramps and spasms. Buy your Kinesiology Tape from - we are a Kinesiology Tape Supplier of the highest quality selection of Kinesiology Tape available, providing the best value on the market with unbeatable prices.
Kinesiology tape differs from other types of strapping tape in both form and function. Mueller's Typhoon Tape is the only tape made with high quality flexible material and endorsed by America's Gold Medal Olympian and Women’s World Cup Champion Alex Morgan, allowing her and others to move freely, while helping to reduce pain. Knee pain is one of the top 5 health problems that are treated successfully by therapists using kinesiology tape. Elastic for complete range of motion.
THYSOL Australia offers a total fascia related concept, with high quality fascia massage tools, various kinesiology tape products and educational courses distributed via our close connected partners in the local markets.

20 EA, .23 lbs.

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