I know squatting can't be compared to leg press. I find that I can definitely do more weight on leg presses (don't know what the proportions are but my best squat has been 270 for 6 reps and best leg press 1000 for 6). Leg size and strength will increase. Squats vs Leg Press for Glutes. Leg press has its place but trying to squat a few times and giving up because you haven’t mastered it is self defeating. Leg press vs squat: which is the king of leg day?

heavythrower 2011-06-26 17:53:59 UTC #22 [quote]XanderBuilt wrote: … That means balancing your leg … Here's what gym-goers should know about leg presses vs squats and what will help them build a strong, solid pair of wheels. In this article, we will discuss the differences between the two in their approach to building bigger legs. cidermonster 2007-06-29 09:20:14 UTC #2. The leg press has nowhere near the same level of muscle recruitment as the squat 13, and lacks the degree of intermuscular and intramuscular coordination of the squat. As most people no doubt know, you should be squating 3 x a week on this programme. The exercise is beloved because it can be done anywhere, does not need equipment, and can be done using light or heavyweights. But the other day I noticed the little tag thingy, and it said the machine was actually a Squat Press.

The most popular bodybuilding message boards! Leg press vs squat. I'm wondering what are some of your opinions on leg press vs squats. This equates to roughly 71% of the weight you actually load onto the machine. Leg Press vs. Squat. Comparison: Squat Vs. Leg Press In a squat you have the bar on your back and you squat up and down. Leg sleds are typically angled at 45º, meaning the effective weight being lifted is W*sin(π/4). Let's imagine the squat is neutral in the stability continuum with squatting on a wobble board at one extreme and the leg press at the other. UKWolverine 102 UKWolverine 102 Balls of Adamantium; Gold; 102 1141 posts; Report post; Posted April 1, 2010. The seated leg press is a great … I have used the cybex machine like the one in the video, and really liked it, for the reasons already mentioned. Why do you think the leg press is okay to do but not squats? 'Squat Press' Machine vs. Leg Press. ... And funny that about "unloading plates" off the leg press. IMO you are getting greater stress at the knee joint with leg presses, particularly shearing force. I frequently superset leg press and squats and today did a modification of Hugo's tri-set: squats, standing leg curls, and leg press.

Some will prefer hack squats, while others will enjoy leg press. I squat 300 pounds and yet only need 2 or 3 plates each side for the 45 degree leg press … There is also less recruitment of the hamstrings which serve to stabilize the knee joint during flexion of the quadriceps via co-contraction than there is with squatting.

… When comparing squats vs leg press and how well they work the glutes, there is no question that the winner is squats.

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