In "Lone Star", a skull is found in an isolated part of a Texas border county which begins an investigation by the local Sheriff who must unlock a closet full of skeletons to solve the mystery. John Sayles' "Lone Star" contains so many riches, it humbles ordinary movies. With Chris Cooper, Elizabeth Peña, Stephen Mendillo, Stephen J. Lang. Instead, it is a brilliantly poetic and moving … Lone Star is so poetic and cinematic that even its setting reveals more of the film's thematic elements and really plays into what the film is attempting to communicate. Directed by John Sayles.
Overall, Lone Star is far more than a crime film.

Lone Star is a magnificent crime-drama with overtones of noir, western, and an underlying theme of racial tension. When the skeleton of his murdered predecessor is found, Sheriff Sam Deeds unearths many other long-buried secrets in his Texas border town. Critically acclaimed and a high scoring flick on this website, "Lone Star" is a film to be reckoned with. And yet they aren't thrown before us, to dazzle and impress: It is only later, thinking about the film, that we appreciate the full reach of its material. This crime story, while well told, serves "Lone Star" more as pretext than plot. I've seen it twice, and after the second viewing, I began to realize how deeply, how subtly, the film has been constructed.

Lone Star is a Tex-Mex mystery drama that probably remains the most notable film of a directorial career that hasn't been quite as eclectic as his writing career, but I guess that the likes of Alligator and Piranha probably didn't quite fit his directorial style judging by his directorial filmography.

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