I found it off Google so credits to the creator.

Mad Father (Japanese: マッドファーザー, Hepburn: Maddofāzā) is a freeware survival horror role-playing puzzle video game.The game was developed by Japanese developer Sen, published by Miscreant's Room and released on 10 December 2012. Note: The picture for the walkthrough IS NOT MY PICTURE. The goal of the wiki is not only to provide information on characters, but also the game in general—including a full walkthrough for the game, and details of each ending.

How to Get All Endings in Mad Father. In the first bad ending, Aya has to Grant Mom's Wish and let her take Alfred with her at the end of the game, when the player has gone through the cursed Mansion. The game centers around an 11-year-old girl named Aya, who breaks into her father's secret laboratory to uncover the horrifying truth of his research.

***Completed guide!!!

The horror-puzzle game is about a young German girl, Aya Drevis, who lives in a mansion with her father. In this guide you will also find out how to get the achivements. Mad Father has a total of three Main Endings, and two Bonus Endings. Mad Father is a game created by Sen using the World RPG Editor. *** Welcome to the Mad Father Wiki, an unofficial wiki dedicated to the game Mad Father created by Sen. A walkthrough of the game Mad Father. The ending scene shows Aya all alone in the room, since Monika has taken Alfred away. In this walkthrough you will find the controls, where to find gems, and just a basic playthrough of the game.

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