Additional data here; 2600 statue medusas, pre-hardmode. Bunny – Spawn’s a normal bunny; Slime – Spawn’s a blue slime and will not spawn any other color slime; Heart – Spawn’s a heart that will give you 20 hp back; Star – Spawn’s a mana star that will give you 100 mana … in this I will show you how to spawn things in terraria.

Update Info. Now I will tell you what each of them does. Ahhh, yeh. Think they don't spawn any if theres more then x amount in the world or something right?
11 comments. Bomb statue - spawns bombs; Heart statue - spawns hearts; Star statue - spawns mana stars; Statues that spawn enemies. Add Teacher Note.
Teacher Notes. The Crab Statue is a statue that releases Crabs when activated by a Trigger via Wire. Spread them in your arena and you shouldn't have all too much problems. Bugs. v1.0.6.

If you're using that in an arena then i would rather put 3 statues besides each other and with a pressure plate right and left connected to these. Added to the game.

Notes. Not even mana stars when I ran out of mana. All of the statues will still drop the banners after ever fifty kills. r/Terraria: Dig, fight, explore, build!

edit: talking about the new update, I know it was previously possible but is it still possible even though the medusa head is now considered a hardmode weapon?

But in the past few months i keep reading here and other places that people are getting item drops off of said statues. terraria. Teachers! Crab engines are mechanisms that may be built with one or more crab statues. Good luck :) Nothing is impossible in this action-packed adventure game.

Terraria: statues not working. So i dont get this. I reloaded world and it worked again, musta been some odd hearts lying around somewhere. Nothing but banners. Did you use this instructable in your classroom? … Step 1: You Will Need Wire Wrench and a Lever/pressure Plate and a Statue. Terraria Statue. On death, the crabs will occasionally drop hearts or mana stars. Star statue = mana star farm Video recorded with Everyplay. Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. Are tjese people using mods or older versions of terraria or did they make it so statues mobs drop items agin? You don't even need to be concerned about having not enough mana. For a while now i have been under the assumption that statue farms do not drop items or gold just banners. Statue item drops? Statue monsters appear to have alterred loot pools. The world is your canvas and the ground itself … Sometimes, when you destroy one of the other statues, you pick up an Armor Statue (confirmed in 1.1; 1.1.1 unknown). The Crab Statue is often used to build Crab Engines, a superior alternative to the 1 Second Timer. Bat statue -spawns a bat; Bird statue - spawns a bird; Bunny statue - spawns a delicious dinner (or a murderous beast during a bloodmoon) If I remember correctly, they both used to work but for about the last month or so one will work and one won't. Ask Question Asked 2 years, 8 ... For some reason on my world, when I wire up my heart and mana statues, only one of them works. Only three statue-spawned crabs may be alive at any one time. Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download. According to the wiki there are three types of functional statue: Statues that spawn items. v1.1 Renamed from Statue to Armor Statue. Mystery solved. Introduction: How to Make a Statue Spawn in Terraria. Any ideas why this is happening or how to fix it?

Because of the low production cost, many players find this item great for decoration.

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