For these types of people, they can be happy with either an automatic watch or a quartz watch provided they feel good wearing it.

The first movement was invented in 1770, as pocket watches by Swiss horologist, Abraham Louis Perrelet. Automatic watches that can outlive you but don't have a life without you.

The argument can be made that they can be useful extensions of smartphones, but that falls short considering technology limitations. I find smartwatches redundant: they are essentially miniature versions of smartphones.

Manual watches, as the name suggests, require periodic winding by-hand — usually meaning the crown must be turned to wind the internal springs of the timepiece so that it will keep ticking. The LIV Rebel-DDC sports a quartz movement A brief history of watch movements Before we help you figure out whether a quartz watch or a mechanical watch will wind you up the right way, let us take a quick look at the history of the most commonly found watch movements: quartz, mechanical and automatic. Best Affordable Automatic Watches for Men Orient Bambino Version IV Japanese Automatic Stainless-Steel Watch Orient Men’s Bambino Version 4 Japanese-Automatic Watch (Image: Amazon) The Orient Bambino Version IV is a sleeker iteration of the series. The words ‘quartz’ and ‘automatic’ refer to the type of watch movement, which is the engine that powers the watch. Later on, the spring power mechanism was used to power the timepiece and that was how the wrist watch emerged. An automatic watches can gain or lose up to eight seconds a day depending on the quality of the mechanical movement and its age. This can cost $100 or more, but will help insure that the watch will run for years and years.

A dizzying display of cause and effect, where gears, cogs, wheels, rotors and springs work in precise unison to keep you as painfully punctual or as fashionably late as suits you.
A mechanical watch is a true time machine. As previously mentioned, the larger mechanical watch category can actually be separated again into two smaller parts: manual and automatic. Quartz Servicing A quartz watch must have its battery replaced every three to five years. Good mechanical watches are also pretty accurate, but not as accurate as a quartz watch. They were mainly made of steel and had to be wound twice daily. For others who have developed a taste and appreciation for the mechanical aspect of watchmaking, there is an admiration for the craftsmanship and ingenuity involved in creating these precious watches. QUARTZ Vs AUTOMATIC Vs MECHANICAL WATCHES. A Little History on Watches.
There are two categories of movements: quartz movements and mechanical movements. Mechanical watches require cleaning and maintenance every few years. Re: Smart Watch vs Mechanical Watch? A mechanical watch may be accurate to within a few second per day.

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