One ounce semisweet chocolate, ½ … Authentic Mexican chocolate caliente is comforting, as hot chocolate should be, but it is also unexpectedly refreshing.

How to Make Champurrado (Mexican Hot Chocolate). Abuelita is a brand of chocolate tablets, syrup, or powdered mix in individual packets, made by Nestlé and used to make Mexican-style hot chocolate, also known as chocolate para parties (English: "table chocolate"). It is usually made by mixing chocolate or cocoa powder and sugar with warm milk or water.Hot chocolate is usually drunk to make the drinker feel happier or warmer. Ibarra is a brand of Mexican chocolate para mesa (English: "table chocolate") produced by the company Chocolatera de Jalisco of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.The company manufactures other chocolate products, but Ibarra table chocolate is its best-known product, with presence throughout Mexico as well as international markets, mainly in the Americas, but also in parts of Europe. Mexican chocolate has a much grainier texture than other chocolates. Ibarra chocolate has a rich, slightly spicy flavor that can be used in baking and cooking. You can also prepare Mexican chocolate cookies.

Hot chocolate (also called hot cocoa, drinking chocolate or just cocoa) is a hot drink. It's used in the preparation of a Mexican hot chocolate drink and certain Mexican specialties such as mole poblano, a Chile-almond sauce usually served with fowl. Flavored with cinnamon, almonds and vanilla, this sweet chocolate is available in Mexican markets and some supermarkets. You can find Ibarra chocolate at your local Mexican grocery store or online. Mexican hot chocolate is the generic name for a spicy chocolate drink made with chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, chilies, anise, and other spices, depending on the region of Mexico it is made in.In other parts of the world, it is often made with Mexican chocolate, a bitter and granular solid chocolate mix which is designed to be melted and mixed with milk or water to make Mexican hot chocolate. It was originally invented and commercialized in Mexico since 1939, by Fábrica de Chocolates La Azteca.

The main ingredient is less intense than the darker chocolate often used in other versions of this beverage, and the cinnamon is nothing short of stimulating. Some studies have shown that hot chocolate may be healthy because of antioxidants that are in cocoa. You can make a drink like Mexican hot chocolate, or bake brownies with Ibarra chocolate.

A take on a classic sweet Mexican delicacy, that'll make sure to warm up the entire family this winter!

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