Michael Hurley self-published at least three magazines. The Underground Monthly, The Outcry, and The Morning Tea. And several of his Boone & Jocko cartoons – featuring Hurley’s anthropomorphic wolves who occasionally populate his songs – appeared in Boston’s underground newspaper Broadside in 1969-1970, and then over the years in his own self-released publications. The covers on his albums often feature his own folk art paintings. Michael Hurley's music is often coined as "outsider folk."

Michael Hurley is an American singer/guitarist, born December 20, 1941. Michael Hurley is the sort of artist who inspires memorable descriptors. Michael Hurley could be called the godfather, or grandfather, of ‘freak-folk” but the Oregon-based singer, songwriter, artist and storyteller’s roots go back to his childhood in rural Pennsylvania and early forays into New York City, where he found kindred spirits like Peter Stampfel, Sam Shepard and … The Words to the Songs of Michael Hurley/Paroles de Chansons de Michael Hurley, is a beautiful, illustrated guide to many of the master’s greatest lyrics. A little before Blue Hills came out, Hurley also had a bi-lingual book of lyrics published by the great l’oie de Cravan Press up in Montreal.
He’s been called “a vestige of the old, weird America” by the Boston Globe ,” an “old-timey existentialist” by Robert Christgau, and “folk’s Boo Radley” by Pitchfork. After films like The Wicker Man and Midsommar, grisly visions of the countryside have made the leap from screen to page, writes horror author Andrew Michael Hurley He also created several comic books featuring Jocko and Boone, Greenbriar Kornbread, and Mama Molasses, among other characters.
Hurley likes to call himself Elwood Snock, Doc Snock, Snockman, The Snock, or Snock. He also plays the fiddle. His hobo lifestyle indeed could be looked upon as eccentric, but it might be better to regard him as one of the last insiders keeping alive the traditions of the folk troubadour. He grew up in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. My favorite, though, comes from roots-music magazine No Depression: “a crazy backwoods Vermont folkie, singing about werewolves and maids, drinking weasel piss, and enduring …

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