Campfire Outfitter. Hornady 100g BTSP Custom line is the most accurate factory ammo that I have ever shot in a 243. I know 20 people are going to tell me to move up in caliber, but I want to keep this thread to .243 big game hunting ammo. There are a multitude of factory ammo offerings in this category, and I don’t know of any bad ones. W. wvhunter OP. Joined: Jan 2006. It hasn't torn up the small amount of coyotes I … clark98ut. I load for ~$7 per 20 with80gr Nosler BTs. I have a Remington 788 in .243, but it is used more for varmints than anything else; as deer hunting with center fire rifle cartridges is illegal in Indiana. WV. #5890465 08/22/15 02:45 PM: Joined ... 255. Results 1 to 13 of 13 Thread: .243 Loads For Accuracy. I would say to go with the most accurate in your rifle as long as it is a quality load (no mil-surp FMJ's for deer hunting, etc.). wvhunter. Under that criteria, Hornady makes the best factory ammo for my Savage .243 and H&R .444, while Federal would be tops for my .30-06, etc. The rifle hunter’s primary tool has never been more lethal. Off-the-shelf .243 rifles from Howa, Remington, Savage, and Tikka perform admirably with little or no modification. Factory Ammo For 243. Page 1 of 2 - Which .243 rifle is more accurate? Among dozens of … Illustration courtesy of Hornady Mfg. I just bought a new savage 243 for the nephews to hunt with and don't know much about the round only what I have read sense I'am a 30 caliber fan. Liberty Hill, TX. I have been reloading 58 and 65 gr Vmaxes for my 6XC and like it so far.

RE: most accurate .243 ammo. Most of my game shooting with the .243 has been with handloads. I have a Remington 788 in .243, but it is used more for varmints than anything else; as deer hunting with center fire rifle cartridges is illegal in Indiana. OP. Re: Best 243 100 grain factory ammo for Deer? Posts: 360. For factory ammo in my Sako A-7 in .243 Win., I got really great results with the Federal Blue Box 80 gr SP ammo, as well as their 95 gr Fusion ammo. Ruger American .243, most accurate factory loads? Recommendations? Factory/Hybrid Rifles.243 Loads For Accuracy; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. So with a 10" the heaviest you would want to shoot is 100grs, with an 8" 107grs, so with a 9.5" I think 100-105grs would be ideal, and 105 may be even too heavy. Thanks for the test on .243 ammo. It will depend on how far you want the shot to go. It’s also a wonderfully accurate projectile; in fact, when working up loads for American Rifleman , the average of five consecutive, five-shot groups at 100 yards from a $269 Savage was 0.98”.

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