Breeds of swine Yorkshire, Large white Origin: U. K. are large, long and white in color. There are not many of them in the United States. The Berkshire pig matures early and is predominantly black with white spots on its legs, face and the tip of its tail. The Berkshire pig is said to be the oldest pig breed in Britain. Sows of this breed are prolific.

In this study, we investigated the genetic diversity and population structure of six breeds, including Meishan, Erhualian, Mi, Fengjing, Shawutou and Jiaxing Black, in this region using whole‐genome SNP data. The breed is capable of interbreeding, because it is the same species as ordinary farmyard pigs and descended from wild boars. Not only do Landrace sows give birth to large litters, those piglets tend to be bigger than other breeds.

While the Yorkshire breed comes in three distinct sizes -- small, medium and large -- only the latter is traditionally found in the American pork industry. Its dished snout is of medium length, while its ears are relatively large.

PLAY. Berkshire. Their ears are erect.

The Pot-bellied pig is a smaller sized domestic breed.

Storey's Illustrated Breed Guide to Sheep, Goats, Cattle and Pigs.

Pot-bellied Pig Characteristics & Breed Information. As mentioned above, Meishan pigs are perhaps one of the most prolific breeds of pig in the world.

the oldest recorded purebred swine pedigree history in the U.S. Berkshire. 7 – Yorkshire.
The Chinese indigenous pig breeds in the Taihu Lake region are the most prolific pig breeds in the world.

They average 10 piglets per litter, and are normally good mothers.

They have light pink skin that’s covered in thin white hair.

Yorkshires are used in many breeding programs because they aren’t fatty. A native Danish pig, the white, droopy-ear Landrace are exceptionally prolific, and they cross well with other breeds. black in color, with six white points, four white socks, white tip to tail and flash on face. No black spotting is permitted in the breed. imported to the U.S. during 1823. Currently the breed is raised in China, … Berkshire. The Meishan (May-shan) is an ancient Chinese breed that originated from the Mid Subtropic Belt in the Lower Changjiang River Basin. (I like to call them the ‘Sharpei-Basset Hound Pig’ because of the their long ears and wrinkly faces) They are the most prolific pig breed in the world.

of Animal Science. Their ears are erect.

is the most prolific breed produces large quantity of meat has excellent mothering capacity. Berkshire. Currently the most common pig in the United States, Yorkshires are also known as English Large Whites. It was originated from Vietnam and is relatively smaller in size than the standard European or American farm pigs.

It is quite common to have two litters per year.

Its pork is famous for excellent meat marbling. The Landraces' exceptionally long bodies provide additional pork loin and ham. Currently the most common pig in the United States, Yorkshires are also known as English Large Whites. They average 10 piglets per litter, and are normally good mothers.

The face is dish shaped skin is free from wrinkless ears are erect Long neck, slightly arched back, long loins are other characteristics of this breed.

Third and later parities of this breed had 17.0 pigs born, with 12.9 being weaned on average. The most common pig breed in North America, the white Yorkshire pig has upright ears. Storey Publishing.


Sows of this breed are prolific. But due to the early maturity of both sows and boars, the Meishan pig is one of the most prolific pig breeds in the world. Pig Breed ID. They have light pink skin that’s covered in thin white hair.

Oklahoma State University Dept. It was bred in the Wantage and Faringdon regions in the English county of Berkshire. erect ears, relatively short snout .
Ekarius, Carol (2008). STUDY. Yorkshires arrived in the United States about 1830.

7 – Yorkshire.

Their 240-day weight was 170.5lbs. They reach puberty at 2.5-3 months of age, achieve high embryo survival rates, and a large litter size of 15-16 pigs.

ISBN 978-1-60342-036-5 "Breeds of Livestock - Swine Breeds".

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