If your children's other parent (mother or father) is repeatedly denying you access, against a court order, then you should keep track of the circumstances. There may be nothing more frustrating then trying to see your child, only to have your ex-spouse prevent you from doing so. Legally, there is no presumption of paternity; this means that unwed fathers are not, by default, assumed to …

In 2008, the mother left home without warning, taking her daughters, who were then aged four and one, and refusing to let the father see them.

The father has no legal right to see their child without a court order. Doing so is likely to result in a restraining order against you--not fair, I know, but it could happen, and it certainly has happened to others in your situation. In general, if an unmarried mother does not want the father to visit with the child, the mom should be aware that a father may sue for visitation rights or child custody rights. **ADD** To the person who said that it's not kidnapping if you take the child.


The mother would not let my son see his daughter until he had a risk assessment done and the court also agreed with that. Due to the anger and hurt that accompanies the break up of any relationship, it is not uncommon for one or both parents to withhold visitation as a means of getting back at the other parent for something that he or she has done in the past. Just keep in mind: the alleged father of a child born out of wedlock has no legal rights whatsoever unless and until paternity has been established by the court and a custody/visitation order has been put into place.

Sometimes, mothers will go to great lengths to ensure their exes won’t see their kids.

Even though you may have a custody and access schedule, a parenting plan, a separation agreement, or court order that says when you spend time with your child, your partner may not let you see your child. When a child is born to an unmarried mother, the mother is automatically granted sole custodianship.

You should go back to court, on a motion, and ask for the court to order make-up access for the time you have missed at times that work for the children and you.

You have the right to see your son, but you don't have the right to show up at his mother's house and demand to see him. Unfortunately, this happens more than child custody attorneys would like to admit: The mother and father aren’t getting along or the mother is bitter so she won’t let the father see his children.

Keep track of all the missed visits and make notes with as much detail as possible. She accused the father … In December last year the mother decided to all ow my son to see his daughter without any risk assessment she also became very friendly with my son again I.e staying over at his place and he staying at her home. They have now fell out and she seems to be playing …

In that case, a court will most likely offer a father some form of visitation, barring a father's potential dangerous past. This can be very upsetting for your child and very frustrating for you. But do not let it go on too long.

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