"Grandpa speaks out on SpongeBob and other children's cartoons that are tainting America's youth."

Eugene Harold Krabs (born November 30, 1942), better known simply as Mr. Krabs or called Krabs by Plankton, is the tetragonist/anti-hero (in some episodes antagonist of the Spongebob Squarepants series. Gimmie, gimmie, gimmie., Mailman: Sorry. Mr. Krabs started growing impatient. Mr. Krabs: Hey, I'm expecting a fifty cent rebate check.

Eugene Harold Krabs (born November 30, 1942), better known simply as Mr. Krabs or called Krabs by Plankton, is the anti-heroic tetartagonist of the Spongebob Squarepants franchise. He will resort to dirty tactics just to get some of that green stuff, which includes crime if necessary. Squidward groaned. At some point, he married Grandma Krabs. At some point, Redbeard Krabs became a pirate. Cartoon TV Theme Songs From Your Childhood (Ultimate Edition) (90's - 2000's) Nostalgic Overload - Duration: 30:22. Mr. Krabs: He's comin'! Squidward gave him a mildly surprised look and sighed. I'm so proud you followed your ol' Grampa's peg leg and became a pirate, that I'll be sailing by for a ship's inspection. "Anyways, me grandpa is running his own version of The Krusty Towers on the other side of town, and he wants us to manage it for him while he's on vacation." But the friends get stuck at sea and are swimming the rest of the way. As a matter of a fact, he once sold SpongeBob SquarePants for 62 cents. He is a red sea crab who is the owner of the Krusty Krab as well as the employer of both SpongeBob SquarePants and Squidward Tentacles. But I've got this. No check. Grandpa Redbeard: (swings to the ship) Hee-ar! He lives on Shanty Island.

Krog Frog 667,256 views Mr. Krabs: Hide me, boy. Uncle Grandpa/SpongeBob SquarePants Version 1 Pizza Steve as SpongeBob, Uncle Grandpa as Patrick Star, Mr. Gus as Squidward, Tiny Miracle as Mr. Krabs, Aunt Grandma as Sandy Cheeks, Giant Realistic Flying Tiger as Gary the Snail, Mooon Man as Larry Grandpa Redbeard: Eugene, me boy! Redbeard Krabs was born to a crab now known as Great Grandpa Krabs and an unknown Mrs. Krabs. SpongeBob & Patrick build a pirate ship. [gives Mr. Krabs a bottle and walks away], Mr. Krabs: Oh, a correspondence in a bottle, eh? [reading] Ahoy, Eugene. Mr. Krabs' Grandma is either Grandpa Redbeard's wife or Betsy Krabs' mother.So far, her only appearance was in a picture in Mr. Krabs' wallet in the episode, "The Sewers of Bikini Bottom." Grandpa Redbeard looks like Mr. Krabs, except that he has an eye-patch, beard, he is darker, and he has sailor clothes and peg-leg. Grandpa Redbeard is the grandfather of Mr. Krabs.His first appearance in Grandpappy the Pirate.. Looks. Description Edit Edit. Mr. Krabs is worried over his deadly sick grandpa. — Description Angry Grandpa HATES Spongebob is a rant video where Angry Grandpa lets out his feeling toward the famous Nickelodeon show, SpongeBob SquarePants.The video was uploaded on September 14, 2012 and has accumulated over 220,000 views as of June 2016. Mr. Krabs is a greedy bastard who only wants money. Mr. Krabs: (pulls on a rope and releases the Jolly Roger) Patrick: (glues the final wood piece to the rest to make the rim of the ship) Mr. Krabs: Way to go, fellars. She is a light red, wrinkled crab with gray hair and skin tags. "Mr. Squidward, if you interrupt me again, I'm gonna keel haul ya!" He is a red sea crab who is the owner of the Krusty Krab as well as the employer of both SpongeBob SquarePants and Squidward Tentacles.He is extremely greedy, selfish and quite literally obsessed with money itself.

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