If an occupational illness is diagnosed as being one of those listed in 50.20-6(b)(7), the operator must report it under this part. In a previous blog we discussed how MSHA will increase the number of inspectors and inspections at metal/non-metal mines with a heightened focus on smaller “mom and pop” mines. 801 et seq., and sections 4 and 13 of the Federal Metal and Nonmetallic Mine Safety Act, 30 U.S.C. 50.20 - Preparation and submission of MSHA Report Form 7000-1 - Mine Accident, Injury, and Illness Report.

This part 50 implements sections 103(e) and 111 of the Federal Coal Mine Health and Safety Act of 1969, 30 U.S.C. MSHA believes there has been underreporting of accidents and injuries. To back up these claims, inspectors have begun to go through MSHA Part 50 Compliance Will Be Heavily Scrutinized MSHA Part 50 enforcement will be significantly increased starting today. 50.20-1 General instructions for completing MSHA Form 7000-1. 30 CFR Part 50 What is Part 50? § 50.20-1 - General instructions for completing MSHA Form 7000-1. § 50.20-2 - Criteria - “Transfer to another job.” The operator shall mail completed forms to MSHA within ten working days after an accident or The original form shall be mailed to:MSHA Office of Injury and Employment Information, P.O. Box 25367, Denver Federal Center, Denver, Colo. 80225, within ten working days after an accident , occupational … 2 (3) Unplanned Inundation - For the purpose of Part 50 an unplanned inundation is immediately reportable when there is any disruption of regular mining activity by PC701--MSHA Yellow Jacket Report on 30 CFR Part 50 • Quarterly Reporting per Part 50 (hours and average number of workers for last quarter – always requested by MSHA during inspections), • Accident Reports per Part 50, • Daily pre-work Workplace Exams per the 2017 56.18002 rule, Section 3(k) states this: “‘Accident’ includes a mine explosion, mine ignition, or mine inundation, or injury to, or death of, any person.” There is no flyrock event for “accident” defined in MSHA’s Part 50 accident reporting Each Form 7000-1 consists of four sheets, an original and three copies. In recent weeks, MSHA Part 50 enforcement of Accident Reporting has also increased.

721 et seq., and applies to operators of coal, metal, and nonmetallic mines.

Part 50 regulations require operators and contractors to investigate mine accidents and injuries and report to MSHA those which meet the described reporting criteria.

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