The next day, he randomly asked me who I like now. I didnt tell him, but gave him a few tiny hints when he asked (like yes he knows him and i told him the number of classes we have together.) do you? Okay so long story short, I sit next to him in goverment, and a few days ago he randomly started asking me about my relationship with my ex. So he's hinting that he likes you. Do you think he was asking if I liked him as a friend or if I had a crush on him? Today he texted me: Do you like me?

I like this guy. I like him and I have a crush on him.

I met him on a 7th grade field trip.

I replied: Idk. He's terrified though, he doesn't want to tell you he loves you unless he thinks it's mutual. when my friend asked if he liked me he was like 'nah everyone thinks i like her but i don't' but he still shows me signs and i heard him saying to his friend he wanted to talk to me so im CONFUSED He told me all about himself and I told him about myself. I shy, I'll admit. He has a crush on you.

He answered saying that it's bacause my best friend told him so. i like my cousins friend and his friends always tease him around me, calling me his girlfriend or saying he wants my number and i always catch him staring at me. He answered: Yes. Nothing is worse than reaching out and proclaiming your love only to be rejected.

I was kinda surprised because he started the convo asking me if I like him on Facebook chat so I told him that it's a funny way to start a convo.

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