If she wants to be free, then make sure you allow yourself to be free along with her. 4.
1 year ago. Everything was going great. Emotions are high, and I'm a wreck right now. Just over two weeks ago, my beloved Girlfriend ended our relationship of 11 months.

Her reason for the break up was that she Just didn't want it any more - that she isn't ready for a full-on relationship.

Girlfriend Broke up with me, wants to be friends but I'm too deeply in love with her. Give her a break. Girlfriend broke up with me, but still wants to see me. 1. I get along well with her family and she gets along well with mine. Really not sure what to do because I really love her and want to be with her Dating Most women feel like going back to their exes but only few have the courage to disclose it even after the break-up.

First a little background info.

Posted by. We spent time a lot. Let me take you straight to look at the reasons why she still want you after that awkward separation. She says she sees this as being more than friends since we are still in love with each other. Whenever I read emails from men who just broke up with their ex girlfriend… the question almost always comes up… As you’re reading this, you might be asking yourself the same question… and feeling like you’re in the same dilemma… What do you do when your ex girlfriend still wants to be We have been living together for about a month. Let her go and just AS important, let your SELF go too. Girlfriend broke up with me, but still wants to see me. We've been dating for a little over a year and have been very happy together the entire time. Sorry if I ramble.

Hey all, using an alt account because she knows my main. I'm 29, she's 28. I know a lot of people think, my girlfriend broke up with me for no reason, but I can tell you that there is always a reason. She made her mind up a while ago, but kept quiet. She is 21 and I'm 27. Give yourself a break while you’re at it. I really just need a bit of help. u/Willing_Daikon . My girlfriend broke up with me last night but says she still loves and cares about me and doesn’t want to lose me? Close. Girlfriend needs her space but says she still loves me. Archived. Do NOT wait around, pining for her. Yet she says that she is still in love with me and wants us to be close friends.

It could be something huge, or a build up of a bunch of little things. Sometimes when a person breaks up with their partner, they don’t tell them all the reasons behind it. My gf broke up with me cos she thought she wasnt ready to be in a relationship.

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