If your teen is chronically absent from school despite your best efforts, it can be difficult to give them praise. Most parents get frustrated and either try to force the kid to school, or will yell, or threaten to get them out the door and on the bus, or into the classroom. Devise a plan that sees your child gradually integrating back into the school community, and praise them every step of the way, while also making plans to improve on their progress. Like you, I don’t understand how I can have one kid one way and the other exactly the opposite. It is not uncommon for a child or teen with depression to avoid or refuse to go to school. When Your Child Doesn’t Want to Go to School: Teen Depression and School Refusal. However, when that affects their education, it is important for you to step in. Conclusion. Contacting the school each time your child is absent is another wise move. I had a similar issue with my sister-in-law, she didn't wanted to go to school because of bullying. To escape from school situations that cause distress (e.g.

As a parent, do the very best you can, and then accept what you have no control over. If your teen doesn't want to attend school, you need to assess the nature of his refusal and the reason for it. There are sooooo many reasons why a teen may choose not to go to school. Specifically, truant teens require a different approach than teens who try to avoid going to school, which is different again from teens with a clinical school phobia or social anxiety disorder related to attending school. Most teens want to cut class, avoid homework, and start adulthood early.

But the issues could be something else, as for example, abuse as suggested before, but it could have been also a silly thing for us adults that is not so silly for a teenager. Why do teens not want to go to school? Do you have problems getting your teenager to school? Teens can be full of drama and angst, and that is often just part of being a teen. Riding on the school bus, a teacher, or a particular class or area of school) 2. You must find out the reasons behind why your child doesn’t want to go to school. As of now he wants to drop HS and he said that he doesn’t want to go to college. Oct 24, 2018 | For Educators, For Parents | 2 comments.

However, encouragement can go much further than punishment in some cases. You are not alone. This is so frustrating.

If your teenager does not want to go to school because they are scared of specific classmates whom they meet every day, you may want to have a private word on the phone with the school or a meeting to discuss the concerns. As parents, you must sometimes play detective. So, what do you do when your teenager does not want to go to school?

And don’t lie to cover for your child. However, as Anxiety BC suggests, there are four main reasons for school refusal: 1. According to him he would rather drop off now and get a job. If parenting were to be the issue than both kids should’ve been doing bad in school. But at home, you need to encourage her to learn to express feelings and emotions. Let the school know when your child is sick as well as when he straight-up refuses to go to school.

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