(Of course, there’s also the theory that Naruto was given Uzumaki because if he was given Namikaze as his last, then people would look for him since he was the Fourth Hokage’s son with the 9 tails inside … Darkness embraces her like a cold welcome home.

The man who had warned the medics that she was with child, distraught and desperate, grips the shirt of the shinobi who is holding him back from stumbling in after Sakura. The young blonde immediately reached for his pocket and handed the child a large chunk of his money, Sakura looked surprised by Naruto's kind gesture and by the amount of money he gave so eagerly. She now felt like she had to do the same, she reached down her bag and handed the young boy an adequate amount of coins. Example, Naruto taking his mother’s last name instead of Minato’s. Sigh… It's 2017 and some people still believe that Sasuke impregnated Karin of all people and the theories I've read are ridiculous. The lights above Sakura slowly blink out, the whirl of faces she almost remembers nothing but hints of flesh and worried eyes.

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