This new law now allows officers to stop drivers specifically for texting while behind the wheel. A new law authorizes ... New Indiana law imposes $500 fine for holding phone while driving. Prevent motor vehicle crashes caused by texting and driving. HARRISBURG, Pa. — Gov. The state of New York prohibits all motorists from using any kind of handheld electronic device while their vehicle is in motion. PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) --A ban on hand-held cell phones while driving is now the law of the land in Arizona with Gov. If you reside in New York, here’s what you need to know about texting and driving: 1. Under the Louisiana no texting and driving law, all motorists are prohibited from reading, writing and sending text-based messages from behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. First, it makes texting (including messaging, emailing and other forms of typing on a mobile device) a primary violation, rather than a secondary violation. According to the Florida statute, the new law is meant to: Increase safety for all drivers, passengers, bicyclists, pedestrians, and other people using the roads. The new law advances Florida’s rule against texting while driving in a couple of ways. Ducey signing HB 2318 on April 22.The new law prohibits operating a … No texting: The general rule with this Michigan cell phone law is that Michigan’s ban on texting while driving prohibits all drivers from texting while driving.

July 1 is the start of the fiscal year for Florida, and that means more than 100 new state laws take effect . Florida's new texting and driving law went into effect July 1. It’s Not Just Texting That’s Prohibited. Starting Monday, law enforcement officers can pull drivers over solely for texting while driving, thanks to a new law passed by the Florida Legislature. Tom Wolf signed a bill into law today that enhances the penalties for an accident caused by texting while driving resulting in serious bodily injury or death.

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