In fact, the more correct title of the sonnet is ‘Composed on Westminster Bridge, September 3 rd, 1802’. 1.

It is early in the morning and the sun has just come out. William Wordsworth’s ‘Composed Upon Westminster Bridge’ reveals the beauty of London from upriver.

Ans.⇒ In the poem "Composed Upon Westminster Bridge", Wordsworth expresses his feelings to the early morning beauty of the city of London. The second edition. He was the youngest of. “Composed upon Westminster Bridge, Sept. 3, 1802” is one of William Wordsworth’s most iconic sonnets.

“Earth has not anything to show more fair.”.

A coach they were travelling on paused on Westminster Bridge, and the view of the city … Wordsworth loved nature, but finds the beautiful, clear scene of the London skyline spread before him while he crosses the bridge as quiet and lovely as anything to be found in nature. Sonnet Composed Upon Westminster Bridge Writer: The poem was written in 1802 when Wordsworth and his sister, Dorothy, were going to Calais, to meet with his former French mistress Annette Vallon and Caroline, his illegitimate daughter by her. The poet watches the city from the Westminster Bridge over the Thames River. The poem uses archaic language. In "Composed Upon Westminster Bridge," the poet is crossing Westminster Bridge into London during the very early morning. Written in 1802, as the poem’s title suggests, the work was originally published in Wordsworth’s collection Poems, in Two Volumes five years later in 1807.

He and his sister, Dorothy, were crossing the bridge on a coach taking them to a boat for a trip across the English … In this case, he is inspired by the view he saw from Westminster Bridge on the morning of 31 st July 1802, although he didn’t write the poem until September of the same year. Both poets’ writing is around the same time. essential video for 11th class students of w.b.b.s e. entitled"upon westminster bridge"by william wordsworth Composed upon Westminster Bridge, September 3, 1802 By William Wordsworth About this Poet William Wordsworth was one of the founders of English Romanticism and one its most central figures and important intellects. Their poems symbolize British royalty and politics. His description about the beauty of nature is wonderful.

‘Composed upon Westminster Bridge’ was written describing the beauty of London early in the morning and it uses different styles including metaphors and personification. The sonnet “Upon Westminster Bridge” composed by Williams Wordsworth is just one of the gems of his creations. The starting line itself gives ample evidence for his mastery over the language.

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