Games: Fire Emblem fanfiction archive with over 17,800 stories. Mikoto found herself being grabbed by Ryoma and hugged as he whooped joyfully. ". 1,228 Choose Your Legends: Round 2.

As the title suggests, this mod adds the Kingdom of Hoshido from Intelligent System’s Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright to the base game of Sid Meiers Civilization V. The actual programming, diplomacy responses and art for Mikoto and Sumeragi are done by me, Kaizoku_Panic, but every other aspect of the civ in terms of uniques and UA has been widely discussed within our Discord group. For Fire Emblem Heroes on the Android, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "OG!Mikoto found dead in Miami" - Page 2.

Mikoto: Caring Mother.

Mikoto/Quotes (Heroes) Description: The extremely affectionate queen of another Hoshido.

The game is available … Mikoto (Japanese: ミコト Mikoto) is the queen of Hoshido and Corrin 's biological mother in Fire Emblem Fates. Choose Your Legends placements [edit source] Choose Your Legends.

Hinoka echoed it, and soon all her children were laughing and smiling, embracing each other—even Azura was pulled into it. Rank Info Votes 143 Mikoto. For Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest on the 3DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Where are people getting playable Garon and Mikoto from?

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Attack. Art by: Ito Misei (伊藤未生) Description The extremely affectionate queen of another Hoshido.

Fates. She is a nurturing adoptive mother to Azura.

Appears in Fire Emblem Fates. Rank Info Votes 204 Mikoto. : If you want to ask a question, please check the wiki, FAQ, the pinned question thread, or the reddit search bar before posting.

With regards to the Avatar, if the Avatar chooses to fight Yukimura in Chapter 6 of Conquest, he suggests that Mikoto wouldn't be angry with their decision to side with Nohr.

r/FireEmblemHeroes: A subreddit dedicated to Fire Emblem Heroes, Nintendo's 3rd mobile title released on February 2nd, 2017. Fates. Mikoto, the elegant Queen of Hoshido, has graced us with her presence in Fire Emblem Heroes.

Appears in Fire Emblem Fates. Mikoto was Sumeragi's second wife and ruled Hoshido alongside him, but their relationship sadly didn't last long due to Garon's evil doings.

She is a nurturing adoptive mother to Azura. Despite hailing from a different Hoshido than usual, she still …

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Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans. Mikoto Caring Mother; Portrait.

Mikoto is a character in Fire Emblem Fates as the Queen and ruler of Hoshido, with Orochi and Reina as her retainers. Beware of unmarked spoilers.

... Fire Emblem Heroes Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. Color: Colorless Weapon Type: Staff Movement Type: Infantry Weapon: Flash+ (11 Might, 2 Range, After combat, if unit attacked, inflicts status on target and foes within 2 spaces of target preventing counterattacks through their next actions.) 1,787 ... Fire Emblem Heroes Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. This page details the miscellaneous characters of Fire Emblem Fates.

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