Hence, the novel’s protagonist, Offred is a relatively relatable individual, especially in terms of her character, her surroundings and her supporting roles. Before the story starts, she has grown accustomed to her position as a Handmaid, and is still struggling to deal with the grief and uncertainty over the unknown fates of her husband and daughter.

We never learn her real name (Offred means “Of Fred,” her Commander), and we know little about her physical appearance. (Click the character infographic to download.) She tells the story as it happens, and shows us the travels of her mind through asides, flashbacks, and digressions.

Offred is the narrator and protagonist of Margaret Atwood 's The Handmaid’s Tale. An Everywoman The narrator is definitely the most significant character in the novel—she's the Handmaid telling this tale, and we experience the world of Gilead through her eyes.

Extended Character Analysis. Offred. The Handmaid's Tale The Development of the Main Character Offred "What he is fucking is the lower part of my body.

(Atwood 94) The Early Stages Thesis Works Cited The Demise Her audacity eventually leads to the end I do not say making love, because this is not what he's doing." Offred conveys a sense of reality in her personality as she is not perfect and has her own set of opinions, flaws, and habits. We never learn her real name (Offred means “Of Fred,” her… (read full character analysis)

The novel’s protagonist and first-person narrator, Handmaid of the Commander and Serena Joy, former wife of Luke, and lover of Nick. Characters Offred Offred is the narrator and the protagonist of the novel, and we are told the entire story from her point of view, experiencing events and memories as vividly as she does. Offred’s character development is made very clear over the course of the novel. Offred. The novel’s protagonist and first-person narrator, Handmaid of the Commander and Serena Joy, former wife of Luke, and lover of Nick. Offred Character Analysis.

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