Use for all shipping, packaging and mailing applications. 4. Watch this instructional video on how to load your Duck® MAX brand packaging tape gun. Use your dominant hand to handle the tape dispenser and your off-hand to pick the tape tab off the roll. Your email address will not be. Continue down the opposite side of the box about 4-5 in.

How to Load Your Packing Tape Gun. How To Load Your Packing Tape Gun BOX Test the dispenser’s tension by rolling a small amount of tape out. How To Operate Your Packing Tape Gun For full video and product information, visit 3. Whether you’re working with a desktop office dispenser or a handheld packing gun, the basic idea is the same. Some packing tape dispensers have a shield that slides down to allow for the tape. Many packing tape dispensers have an adjustable tensioner to make unwinding smooth, according to Packaging Tape Inc.

2. Insert the roll of packing tape onto the large dispenser wheel on the top right of the tape dispenser with its handle grip to the right. From top of box.
Packing tape dispenser how to load diagram.

It has a hand brake mechanism for ease of use and control. Buy Packaging Tape Dispensers for your home or business at Officeworks.

Put the end of the tape approximately ⅜ of the way down the side of the box. Using and reloading the hand packing tape dispenser can be quick and easy, simply follow the steps below. Of tape off with tape sticky side down between the tape roller and metal loading gate. Tilt dispenser forward, pull down and twist to cut tape. Load the tape dispenser with the sticky side of the tape facing away from the blade edge. How to load the Rapesco Packaging Tape Dispenser The Rapesco 960 packaging tape dispenser is a simple and effective method for applying packaging tape to cartons and boxes. Free Click and Collect and free delivery over $55. Unfold your box and place it on a flat surface with the top facing down. Cut the tape with the serrated blade after rolling out about 5 inches (13 cm) of it. Position the tape roll so that it will unwind with the sticky side facing down as the dispenser is pulled backwards.

If tape does not unwind properly (see Diagram B) increase or decrease tension.

Scotch® Packaging Tape Dispenser is a heavy-duty packaging tape dispenser.

It is easy to reload, has a 3 inch core and holds tape up to 2 in. BOPP tape is stretched by a machine which increases the strength and clarity of the film.

Use an old box for this trial run. 3.

Loading a standard tape gun.

Apply tape end firmly to the box. Shop online or in store.

Lay the tape gun down on a flat stable surface. from the top. Knowing the proper way to load a tape dispenser can save you a lot of frustration during your next art project or packing marathon. With a verticle handle and a dispenser body it makes application easy even with a single hand.

Others simply slide out from one side. Using and reloading the tape dispenser can be quick and easy by simply following the steps below. Wait until you know the dispenser is properly loaded and adjusted … Dispenser only, tape not included. To load a packing tape dispenser, position the tape so that it will unwind counterclockwise, secure the tape onto the dispenser wheel, thread the end of the tape through the slot between the dispenser and the shield, then cut the end of the tape across the tape blade.

Packing tape dispenser how to load diagram.

Usually scissors or a knife are required for cutting. You are looking to see if the tape unwinds smoothly and sticks to the box correctly. Do not test your dispenser on packages you want to tape up.

Load your packing tape into a tape dispensers so you never get your parcel tape tangled again. How to load a Hand Packing Tape Dispenser Hand packing tape dispensers are a simple and effective method for applying packaging tape to cartons and boxes for shipping, packing or moving.

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